We Interview Indie Clothing Monster Fur Face Boy!

Fur Face Boy have been absolutely blowing up over the past two years since their creation. Basing an entire brand around a man with a furry face may seem like a crazy idea, but this crazy idea is catching on. I have admired the brand from a far from sometime now. Just recently they sent me over some tees to check out and review. After receiving the package in the mail I knew I had to interview owner, Ha, to see what makes him and his brand tick.

Name, Location, Favorite Color, Tupac or Biggie?

My name is Ha Mai. I’m from Dallas, TX. My favorite color is Blue and I like 2pac slightly more than Biggie.

Where in the world did you come up with the name and concept of Fur Face Boy?

One day in 2008, I came home, sat on the couch and turned on the TV. As I was rapidly flipping through channels, there was this special on the TLCchannel about this ‘Hairy faced kid’ from India. For some weirdass reason I was intrigued with it. I’d continue to flip through channels but would always stop on the TLC channel. I figured if I was so intrigued by this,what if I printed some t-shirt with this ‘hairy faced kid’ on them, would people be just as intrigued as me? Hmmmm….

Instead of calling my brand ‘Hairy Face Kid’, I called it ‘Fur Face Boy.’ It’s the same nickname I gave my dog, Bear Mai. I thought it was funny, random, memorable and had the oh-so important WTF factor. I felt that I had nothing to lose, so I just went with it. I wanted to try different mediums in art/design, and thought that doing a run of shirts would be a fun experience. I really didn’t worry about what others thought or if I
would fail, I did it simply because I wanted to.

I really have enjoyed going back through your blog and reading your progression as a brand. When do you feel Fur Face Boy really started to take off?

I just decided to give away my ENTIRE first run of shirts for free! I gave away free FFB shirts to all U.S. states! Anyone who emailed or myspace messaged me their shirt size and in what state they lived in received a FREE shirt! When people received their shirt, in return, I would get a photo of them wearing their FFB. I then would post the photo on my blog, they saw it, got excited, told their friends, which told their friends, which told more friends, which told even more friends! The buzz just continued to grow and grow!

After that, I thought…”Wow. This can actually be something.”

How do you feel FFB differs from other Tee brands out there?

That I have 100% total control and that it’s wayyyy personal. Behind every design, every blog post, every tweet, every tumblr post, every email sent, every shirt order and EVERY small detail in-between, it all has a meaning stemmed from MY life. The whole brand is truly just a reflection of my own personality. It’s me simply being able to be me and doing things however I want and whenever I want without anyone saying otherwise. Don’t get creeped out when I say this, but with every FFB shirt…people actually DO get a small bit of me! For more info visit pruittvillefarms .

What advice would you offer upcoming clothing lines?

Don’t start off with intentions of making assloads of money or becoming the next big thing. Do it because you simply love what you’re doing and that you believe your work is good. It’s gonna take a tremendous amount of hard work, but if you seriously enjoy what you’re doing, then the hard work is really just fun and games. Also…use common sense!! WORK HARD. HAVE FUN. USE COMMON SENSE. Those are the 3 main keys!

What have been some of your favorite FFB designs?

This is a VERY tough question because I become very attached to ALL of my designs! But if I had to pick 5 off the top of my head (in no order)
I’d say…

1) Monster Man
2) FFB vs. Bruce
3) Astro Fur
4) Private FFB
5) The Amazing FFB

I am a HUGE fan of your packaging! Did you start out with custom packaging or was it something you added to the brand as you evolved?

I knew that eventually, I wanted to somehow get my shirts into certain shops and boutiques, but I didn’t want to be like most brands out there and just email line-sheets with an orderform. I thought to myself…
“Man, shops see that kind of shit on a daily basis. These shops HAVE to see the detail and quality of not only my shirts, but the overall feel of my whole brand.”

So that’s when I came up with the ‘FFB Box Set.’ My main goal with these boxes was to show just how much I wanted to be apart of these certain shops by detailing every aspect of the shirts, the quality and the brand.

So what does the rest of 2011 have in store for the Fur Face Boy brand?

I’m gonna be quitting my day job (graphic / production designer for a undisclosed retail store) in a few weeks so that I can live my life to the fullest and put 100% time and effort into Fur Face Boy. I figure if I can get this much done with half of my time, imagine what I can do with all of my time! This is a HUGE risk, but I’m ready to take it and just do this shit! HELL YEA!

Do you guys have any sales or discounts our readers should know about?

Use the discount code ‘FFBYES15‘ for 15% off your entire FFB online purchase! Discount code expires 3/5/11.

Any last minute announcements or shout outs?