The Felix Culpa Release Incredible New Video

Seeing that I reside in the same hometown as the guys from The Felix Culpa and actually shared the stage with them at one point I have been a big fan of The Felix Culpa for quite sometime now. To me they have always been one of Chicago’s best kept secrets. Well you cant keep something this good bottled up for long as the band have been garnering absolutely killer reviews of Sever Your Roots since its 2010 release.

The release eventually caught the eyes of No Sleep Records who have agreed to re-release Sever Your Roots as a double disc including 3 unreleased songs on the bonus Bury The Axe EP.

The album releases on Feb 22nd! You can pre-order through No Sleep Records website for only $10!

Also just released is a brand new music video for the song “Our Holy Ghosts” off Sever Your Roots. Check it out below, you can thank me later!