Introducing Go Media’s “Ghosted” Tee Templates!

While I am not a t-shirt designer, I can more than appreciate good mock ups of tees. T-shirt mock ups are and have been an incredible way to show clients and customers how their tees are going to look without having to print them.

If you currently own a t-shirt company and are looking for affordable ways to show your customers how pre-order tees will look or don’t have the means to take high quality photos this is the way to go.

Here is some more information straight from Go Media’s site about the new pack:

This pack contains 8 regular men’s crew neck t-shirts that are “ghosted”, or appear to have a body shape. These shirts are clean and without distressing. There are four different body shapes, with front and back for each. Also, this pack allows total flexibility with the tag – you can turn the tags on or off.

The template pack is on sale right now for $34.99 HERE

  • I agree that this template style will be best for printers who need to give a realistic mock of the finished tee.

  • glad we are in agreement ; )