Cage The Elephant’s “Thank You Happy Birthday Review

Cage The Ele­phant is from a town called Bowl­ing Green. They’ll write music that most peo­ple will con­sider pure dis­tor­tion. They’re way too loud even when they’re quiet. They jump around on stage and climb atop of things with no regard as to what might break. Cage The Ele­phant doesn’t give a shit.

And that’s why we all seem to love them.

Thank You Happy Birth­day is the sopho­more release from Kentucky’s most relent­less rock­ers, Cage The Ele­phant. The four­some have resur­faced in the scene to once again cre­ate what they had with their debut self-titled album (2008, Jive); their own blend of cacoph­ony and dis­torted gui­tar to pro­duce a unique genre of psy­che­delic garage band rock, rem­i­nis­cent of 90s Brit-punk. If you loved the spit-riddled, groggy vocals or spas­tic stage antics that lead singer Matthew Shultz brought in their pre­vi­ous work, then this album was made for you — it sim­ply builds upon what they’ve laid down for a rep­u­ta­tion over the past three years. Choice tracks off the album include the jumpy, cowbell-infused track six, “Sell Yourself”, and track three, “Indy Kidz”, seem­ingly out­lin­ing the story of your aver­age hip­ster kid in this day and age.

No album is flaw­less, how­ever, and I would be remiss to point out that the fol­lowup to their pre­vi­ous album may be rid­ing along the same track, but at times there’s use of sound bites and elec­tronic enhance­ments that we could have prob­a­bly done with­out. I mean really, did I just hear a bass wob­ble (Indy Kidz)?

Thank You Happy Birth­day may be twist­ing and stormy at times, but it applies some seri­ous imagery, espe­cially in the slower tracks. So whether it’s tak­ing a stroll through Bikini Bot­tom (Rub­ber Ball), or toot­ing on your kazoo (Around My Head), CTE

4.5/5 Stars

1. Always Something
2. Aberdeen
3. Indy Kidz
4. Shake Me Down
5. 2024
6. Sell Yourself
7. Rubber Ball
8. Right Before My Eyes
9. Tangled
10. Sabertooth Tiger
11. Japanese Buffalo
12. Flow
13. Shiver

  • Nunya

    When they’re quite what? Quite loud? Quite quiet? Please learn the language if you’re going to use it critique the work of others. Even if the review is favorable.

  • Nirvana61796

    I love you cage the elephant

  • I personally didn’t write this review, but I believe Jody just made a simple mistake. It happens. Im sorry I didn’t catch it earlier but it has been fixed!

    Thanks for the heads up!

  • Jody Heavener

    LOL my bad. I dont claim to be a professional.

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    Dude, ya got it wrong! Point the gun at somebody you don’t like.

  • hahah, i thought the same thing!

  • Levi Caito

    awesomeband kicked ass in st.Louis