Who The Hell is Esperanza Spalding?

I think it is safe to say that most of the viewing audience of the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards was quite surprised when a relatively unknown named Esperanza Spalding beat out Justin Bieber for the Best New Artist Grammy.

For those of you not in the know (dont worry I had to do some research as well), Esperanza Spalding is a Jazz bassist, singer and composer. And actually the first ever jazz artist to ever win the Grammy for best new artist in the history of the Grammys. Quite the feat.

Other career highlights include two televised performances at the White House, a Banana Republic ad campaign, features in Oprah Magazine and The New Yorker, numerous awards and high profile tour dates, capped by an invitation to perform at the 2009 Nobel Prize Ceremony in Oslo, Norway.

Although this style of music isn’t usually my cup of tea, after seeing her upset The Beib, I immediately fell in love with her. Check out her performance at The White House below:

Huge congrats to Esperanza for winning the Grammy for Best New Artist, proof that there is still hope for talent in music.

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  • Berklee College of Music Alum!! :)))

  • She’s very talented and I think she makes some good music.