The Coolest Way To Store Your Files: Nintendo Cartridge Hard Drives

If you have always felt a certain void in your life when it comes to computer hard drives, I am here to help you! The Etsy Store 8-Bit Memory has put together some of the coolest and albeit nerdiest hard drives on the planet.

These 1 Terabyte hard drives are made from deceased Nintendo Cartridges. Current available hard drive cartridges range from Super Mario, Bionic Commando, Excitebike, Metroid, Ninja Gaiden and a few others. The games in this hard drive is nothing compared to the new nintendo switch games but, It’s nice to have this because playing older games is somewhat refreshing.

Each hard drive ranges from $129.99 to $179.99 based on how much space you need. Currently cartridges are available in 500GB, 750GB and 1TB sizes.

Cartridges that are available are constantly changing so if your looking for a particular game keep checking back!

You can view the awesomeness HERE