Stunner of the Month: The Sunglass Subscription Website

Well here is a novel idea. Stunner of the Month have taken their absolute love of shades or “stunners” to build a website that allows you to receive a brand new pair of sunglasses every month of the year. A subscription to SOTM will set you back $9 a month, which isn’t too bad of a deal if your into shades. I do wish the website would show you more examples of the stunners you can receive in the mail.

You really never know what style of stunners are going to show up in your mailbox but for only $9 I wouldn’t expect anything that you would find at your local Sunglass Hut.

Overall seems like a pretty cheap and cool idea for anyone that loves getting surprises and/or shades in the mail, but I must say I am a bit creeped out by some of the pictures they have on their site. *Hit refresh a few times on their page*

Check out their site at: