The Damned Things – Ironclast Review

The Damned Things – Ironclast

Welcome The Damned Things, the newest and maybe most unexpected “super group” to hit the airwaves as of late. Comprised of Keith Buckley (Vocals) and Joe Thohman (Bass) of Everytime I Die, Scott Ian (Guitar) and Rob Caggiano (Guitar) and rounded out by ex Fall Out Boy member Andy Hurley (Drums) and Josh Newton (Guitar). If you ask me this is one hell of a hodgepodge of musicians and band members. Fortunately these guys are all extremely talented musicians and from the sounds of Ironclast these guys sounds like they have been playing together for years.

Ironclast can best be summed as sounding like a poppy and hook driven Every Time I Die. Rooted heavily in souther rock and blues with splashes of metal and pop these guys have really put out something different and enjoyable. The entire album is extremely up beat, in your face and fun, definitely something that I plan on cranking with the windows down cruising around in the summertime. I haven’t been able to listen to the album without jamming on the steering wheel, bopping my head or just full on rocking out.

I have been a huge fan of Keith Buckley and all his work with Every Time I Die and on Ironclast he truly has a chance to shine and show off he has the vocal chops. From Keith’s clean vocals, scrells or out right screams he pulls out all the stops and commands Ironclast from front to back with some of his most hook laden melodies to date.

Musicianship on the disc is also extremely solid and polished. One of the aspects I have been most impressed about with Ironclast is how effortlessly these guys have blended the blues, rock, metal and pop genres into something extremely refreshing. Aside from some some thick ass rhythms by Ian Scott, Josh Newton also lays down some great blues guitar leads that melt faces.

For me this is a must pickup. I look forward to trying to seeing these guys and person and the future ahead for them.


Track Listing:
1. “Handbook for the Recently Deceased”
2. “Bad Blood”
3. “Friday Night (Going Down in Flames)”
4. “We’ve Got a Situation Here”
5. “Black Heart”
6. “A Great Reckoning”
7. “Little Darling”
8. “Ironiclast”
9. “Grave Robber”
10. “The Blues Havin’ Blues”

  • Rtrohman

    Josh plays base. Joe Trohman Plays guitar.