Rise To Glory Release New Collection

Rise To Glory is back with their second collection since launching. The new collection picks back up with four more new tees and a brand new flip hat. According to owner Craig Johnson “For this line I tried to think hard about what I wanted to convey with it. I decided that I wanted to show a couple of themes I felt were important to me when I thought of “Rise To Glory. One thing that came to mind was natural selection, or that only the strong survive, so I tried to think of instances in both society and nature that would fit a sort of struggle where one being or animal overpowered another for their benefit or for glory.”

Everything from the new line is printed on American Apparel and is affordably priced at $20 a tee. The new flip hat, which I must say is pretty sick is available for only $15.

Check out everything available now at www.risetogloryclothing.com