Emptees Is Closing It’s Doors…

Yes you read that correctly. On March 1, 2011 Emptees.com will be shutting down and thus leaving an incredibly huge void in the t-shirt world. I am honestly just blown away right now that this is truly happening. Honestly without the Emptees community and resources Im not quite sure if Iamthetrend.com would have ever got completely up and running, and to the point where it is today.

So before I go on, I just want to give the biggest THANK YOU to Matt and everyone at Indie Labs, whom ran Emptees.com. IATT is truly indebted to you guys.

There have been several talks on the Emptees forums about a new site or different options for the existing Emptees community. Currently there is a site called Bandjob.com which is run by the good dudes at The Black Axe. Out of the gate this site looks to be the front runner for taking over most of the existing Emptees crowd. I have been a member on BandJob for quite sometime but in all honesty nothing ever felt like home quite like emptees.

There have also been several talks from Emptees communities members such as Rob Dobi about creating a brand new site and home for Emptees. This idea really seems to be gaining a lot of traction with several coders, designers and community members looking to pitch in anyway they can to help. You can read more about this HERE. The idea of a community built by the community is an exciting prospect but could run into problems such as having no clear leader to take the reigns, and too many different ideas pulling in to many different directions.

Whatever happens when the dust settles I am sure that the community of Emptees will find a new home and hopefully this negative announcement brings something new and positive. If you have any opinions or ideas for the new Emptees home make sure to visit HERE As Rob Dobi is doing a kick ass job trying to get a new community together and started.

Any thoughts on adding a FORUM to the new IATT? Not sure how many people would actually use it, but if there is enough support I am always down.

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To read the full release on why Emptees.com is closing visit HERE