IAMTHETREND’s Five Favorite New Indie Clothing Brands of 2010

With another year in the books it’s time to look back and reflect on all the t-shirt goodness that has been bestowed upon us this year. This year once again has brought about some great new indie clothing companies that have really got me excited for the future. While it was hard to only pick five new brands to go with, I really feel that each of these brands in their own way have exuded something special.

So here it is folks, my five favorite new indie clothing brands of 2010. (in no particular order, they are all equally face melting)

Vicious History

Vicious History came out of the gates swinging this year with some incredible designs from Keaton Henson, Craig Robson, Tom Neal, Killer Napkins and more. VH provided a great example of launching a solid t-shirt company on a budget. All of their releases this year were around 4 pieces at a time and focused on creating a solid branding image, which they accomplished. I also love the fact that these guys saved a bit of money upfront by printing on Anvil 980’s and then moved up to American Apparel when they felt it was economical and the right time for their brand. They also showed a really great example of working with several different artists but to create a similar branding image across the board.

I really look forward to what these guys do in 2011. Check out the full line at: www.vicioushistory.com

Local Advancers

I might be a bit premature on this one, but Local Advancers who only launched in November has already started turn some heads. 15 year old Peter Takis has been busting his hump promoting his brand, writing articles for the community and quite literally schooling people much older than him on how to launch a brand. With only six or so designs released to date almost every design has immediately sold out from his store, which just shows how hard Peter has been working to promote his brand. 2011 should be quite the year for Peter and his fledgling brand.

See the entire line at: www.localadvancers.com


I have often wondered why more gifted artists and illustrators dont launch their own clothing brand. After all they have the obvious skills to create the tees, so why not form their own line and reap the benefits. Well Dan Mumford one of the most recognized and skilled illustrators in the biz took that step this year with the release of his line, MUMFORD. Mumford was to me exactly what I was expecting and hoping for. The line of course features Dan’s incredible illustrative talent but what I loved was he approached his line as a story. Each tee that has been released has been apart of a ongoing story, which not only makes his art all that more meaningful it also makes a customer want to collect each piece as they go along. So happy that Dan decided to put out his own line and look forward to the future of Mumford Clothing.

See the entire line at: www.mumfordclothing.com

Redemption Brand

This year also brought us a great new line from Tyler Hoppel whom previously ran Ceerius! Clothing. When Ceerius! was around I was a pretty big fan of the line and when the line shutdown I was more than a little disappointed. With the death of the old line though brought a fresh new start and life to Redemption Brand. So far Redemption has released two very solid releases that have featured some of my favorite tees of the year. What I am really digging about Redemption is the simplicity, yet effectiveness of the designs. Bottom line they are all tees that I would want to wear on a day to day basis. I am really looking forward to seeing this brand expand even farther past just tees and hoods this year and will definitely have my eye on them, and so should you.

See the entire line at: www.redemptionbrand.com

Declaration 1776

Declaration 1776 is a brand that literally came out of nowhere and impressed the hell out of me. From their custom packaging to overall brand presentation you would swear these guys have been around forever. What I also love about Declaration 1776, is they have picked a brand image and focused around it. From the way their website is presented, to the designs and packaging everything works incredibley well. I cant wait to see some new designs from these guys moving forward.

Check out the entire line at: www.declaration1776.com