The Pong Deck Holiday Extravaganza!

Just wanted to let you all know that my side company Pong Deck is having a huge holiday sale right now! We are offering 25% off your order with coupon code IATT upon checkout. This gets you the Pong Deck for only $7.50, if you can find a better stocking stuffer for this price please let me know! Also the code allows you to pickup a very sweet tee designed by Mike Gaboury of Cherry Sauce Clothing for only $13.50 and it’s printed on American Apparel.

Pong Deck is a perfect game for anyone that likes to play drinking games or attend parties. Even if you do neither buy a deck to help support the videos we are making! What’s that? You haven’t seen the sweet videos I am speaking of, well here you go! All three videos including the new Pong Deck Jingle and Pong Deck Christmas!

Also make sure to visit to sign up to win a FREE BEER PONG TABLE!