50 Great Tees For Everyone On Your Holiday List!

Written by: Andy owner of Rethink Clothing

If you’re tired of giving people DVD’s they’ll watch once, cologne they might use, or books that sit on a coffee table look to Tshirts as the answer. The trick to giving a great shirt is finding the right one for the right person. So here is a list of 50 shirts for almost anyone on your list from the nerdy brother to the boozing best friend.

Lets get Started!

Shirts for the drinker/partier:

umm yes lets party, Sebei

Liquid courage meets old school bad ass brought to you by Rethink (yeah that’s my companies shirt)

Have your shirt say what your liver can’t by Awesome Laundry

All natural fuel sources baby, Rizzo Tees

If that wanted my Beer it can have it.

Shirts for the Nerd and Gamer:

Exploded Phone – My phone did this on accident

ET and Star Wars…Get it at Glennz

Big mac…ughhhh yeah Print Liberation

What nerd doesn’t love the old school nintendo and its offspring all lineagificated by Nerdy Shirts.

Robots,robots,robots from ChopShop


Shirts for the artsy/creative:

Good advice by Bananas Tee’s.

It’s Rainy and freedom will keep us dry from communism

Ugmonk makes clean and clever shirts with sweet typography

text+lines+moon=artsy heaven at Vicious History

Ink+cannon balls=artsy fun at FullBleed

Shirts for the Photographer

Need I say anything?

Awesome photograph on a tee by Prestigious

Just Photo fun from Rethink

Shirts for the Zombie Enthusiast

Scare your little sister! Deez Teez

BIG ASS ZOMBIE courtesy of Electric Zombie

Everyone wants a piece of this Zombie Liquorice shirt

This and a ton more zombie tees all at I Came From Nothing.

Shirts for the Animal Fan

Bullshit, You can’t catch a tiger. Headline Shirts

Random yes, Pigeon yes. Thanks Random Objects for this one.

The Ninja Turtles were animals right?

My Cat Sucks compared to this Threadless cat

Uhhh fuckus thatus RUNNNN from this 410 BC tee

Seahorse, Seahell Paperoot Clothing

So many awesome Bear Shirts. Subeco

Omunky is getting very sleepy!

Shirts for the Music Lover

This should cover anyone who likes music. Chop Shop.

Shoulda, Coulda,Woulda Buddha by Owl Movement

Give me a few beers and I see anything like this DBH tee.

Great new spin on the classic broken record by Simply Complicated

Great Shirt, Great Cause, Cavata Clothing

Music and Astronauts by Branded Baron

Shirts for the Foodie

I scream you scream we all love R and R’s tees

Astronauts don’t just eat Tang

Yeah Dinosaur tell em! Seibei killing it again

Johnny Cupcakes new Make Cupcakes Not War Tee is Yummy!

Cherry Sauce Clothing makes me afraid to eat cupcakes

Shirts for people who like awesome shirts (categorically hard to define)

I have always liked their logo and think it deserves its own shirt

Merry Xmas

Random as all hell at KKBB apparel

Seriously, automatics are for the lazy.

Lincoln in his most Bad-Ass role yet at Enclothe

Get it? giggle Rizzo Tees

One of the First Indie Tee’s I ever bought, Thanks Tenbills. P.S(put out some new stuff please)

Miles to go always dishes out awesome and this tee is no exception