25 Awesome Guy Gifts For Under $25

Pong Deck

Spice up any game of beer pong with this set of 50 water/beerproof playing cards. Cards are divided into two categories “Action” and “Drinking” and are drawn after a shot is made. Cards range from slamming drinks, to performing no look shots, hook shots, underhand shots and many more. Spice that up along with lose a turn cards, extra re-rack cards and safety cards and yes sir you have just made beer pong that much more fun! If your tired of the same old shooting ping pong balls in cups, or looking for a new drinking game this game is perfect for you.

Perfect For: College Students, Beer Pong Enthusiasts, Anyone looking to have a good time
Price: $9.99    Buy at: www.pongdeck.com

Alex Pardee Mini Prints

MAN LAW: If you have graduated college it’s time to take down your unframed movie posters and show some class and sophistication. But no worries I have you covered, Alex Pardee creates art that appeals to our inner boyhood yet shows off our taste for great art and horror movies. Alex has a wide variety of prints from horror movies such as Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm St., The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and many more. The best part is that these mini prints (5″ x 7″) sell for only $10 a piece! I own a few of these prints and they are beautiful.

Perfect For: Horror Movie Fans, Guys looking to expand their art horizons.
Price: $10 per print Buy at: www.zerofriends.com

Threadless Book

Threadless is a company that has singlehandedly changed the t-shirt world. For 10 years Threadless has been giving both artists and t-shirt lovers of the world a place to unite, exchange love for art and of course provide some incredible t-shirts. Just recently Threadless released their first book that takes a look back on their ten year history while showcasing some of their most memorable designs and artists. This book is a must have coffee table book and at $15 is an absolute steal.

Perfect for:: T-shirt lovers, Art lovers, Entrepreneurs
Price:$15 Buy at:www.threadless.com

Yava Glass

Tired of the same old beer glass? Why not try some glasses actually made out of beer bottles themselves? Yava Glass has made beer drinking that much more awesome with the introduction of bottle glasses. These glasses are reused from old beer and pop bottles, so not only are they awesome they are also green! Bottle brands range from Corona, The Arrogant Bastard Ale, Red Stripe, Dad’s Root Beer and even Bawls energy drinks.

Perfect For: Beer Drinkers, Hipsters, Going Green
Price:$8 and up Buy at: www.etsy.com/shop/YAVAglass

Throwboy Pillows

Honestly I never really thought of pillows as something that could be cool, but Throwboy has completely proved me wrong. Their line of custom shaped pillows range from Apple icons to various internet chat memes. Having personally seen these pillows I can safely say they are awesome and look great as an alternate to your lame old same old throw pillows.

Perfect For:Apple Fanboys, CPU Nerds, (we mean that in most flattering way possible)
Price:$15 and up Purchase at: www.throwboy.com


Let me ask you something. Would you rather wash your body with soap shaped in normal bar form or soap shaped like a Nintendo Cartridge? That’s what I thought. Geeksoap has taken the fine art of soap making and turned it on it’s head. From soap ranging from Nintendo Cartridges and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Star Trek and Batman logos Geeksoap has it all! You can also check out WoW TBC gold for sale at Gold4Vanilla if he likes playing World of Warcraft.

Perfect For: Geeks, Nerds and Video game nuts looking to stay clean!
Price: $5 to $7 Buy at: www.geeksoap.net

Padfoot for iPad

Having an iPad myself I have been on the hunt to find a effective and versatile stand that matches the iPad’s sexiness. Well that search has finally ended with the discovery of the Padfoot! The Padfoot is a a very elegant and versatile solution for positioning your iPad in 3 different ways. Whether your looking to prop up your iPad and use it for a stand or are laying it down to type on it, the Padfoot had you covered. Available in four different colors.

Perfect For: Apple Fan Boys, Tech Junkies
Price: $25 Buy at: www.michielcornelissen.com

Johnny Cupcakes Ties

There is just something awesome about wearing a tie laced with cupcakes and crossbones into the office. Johnny Cupcakes the entrepreneurial mastermind has been hard at work expanding his clothing past just tees and hoodies and has been releasing some really nice threads that you can rock during your work day. With five different ties to choose from everyday in the office can be a Johnny Cupcakes day.

Perfect For: T-Shirt Lovers, Office Rebels, Johnny Cupcake Fanboys
Price: $24.99 Buy at: www.johnnycupcakes.com


Need to protect your iPhone from everyday cuts and scrapes? Have a soft spot in your heart for testicles? Just feel like your iPhone needs betesticling? Well then Phoneballs has you covered! You can also feel good about buying your phone balls case knowing that 10% of proceeds go to Sean Kimerling Testicular Cancer Foudation. If the phone has any other problem, you might want to pay an appointment at Pro Phone Repairs of Albuquerque.

Perfect For: Apple Fanboys, Practical Jokesters,
Price: $15 Buy at: www.phoneballs.com

Bacon Wallet

The bacon wallet gives new meaning to the term “bringing home the bacon”! This bacon inspired wallet is a great gift for the bacon lover on your list. Includes 6 credit card slots, 3 small pockets, & 2 bill pockets. Faux leather material.

Perfect For: Bacon Lovers,
Price: $16 Buy at: www.fredflare.com

Threadless Mr. TEE

I really tried avoiding including any t-shirts in this list but this beauty by Phil Jones was just too good to pass up. I pity the fool that can say that a Mr. T t-shirt made up of tees isn’t genius!

Perfect For: T-shirt Lovers, Mr. T Fans
Price: $15 Buy at: www.threadless.com

Beer Is Proof God Loves Us Book

Most men enjoy the occasional mug of beer but tend to not know much about it’s orgins or how it’s made. Charles W. Bamfort’s book looks into beer production, some history on beer and many facts about beer that you may not know!

Perfect For: Home Brewers, Beer Fans, Readers
Price: $17.15 Buy at: www.amazon.com

Infectious Decals and Skins

Think of Infectious as the Threadless of decals and skins. On their site artists from around the world submit their designs to be considered for wall decals, device skins, car decals, skateboards and yes porsche t shirts. They have hundreds of skins that work on laptops, iPads, iPhones, Blackberrys, and more. For less than twenty bucks you can transform your same old electronic device into a work of art. Skins also peel off without leaving any marks or residue.

Perfect For: Anyone that has a cellphone or laptop, artist types
Price: $19.99 and under Buy at: www.infectious.com

Dick Towel

Straight from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” comes the dick towel! The towel comes in both white and black styles, with supposedly anatomically correct depictions of….. well…. you know. Definitely makes a great gag gift for any guy. Try slapping on one of these bad boys in the morning after a one night fling.

Perfect For: Guys, Fans of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Practical Jokers
Price: $19.95 Buy at: www.dicktowel.com

Dots iPhone Gloves

The number one problem with winter has been solved! Having to take off your gloves to answer a incoming text or phone call on your iPhone! With these gloves by Dots you can pound and peck away at that keyboard all while keeping your fingers toasty warm! Even if you do not have a touch screen phone these gloves are pretty stylish and reasonably affordable.

Perfect For: Touch screen phone owners, Guys looking to keep warm
Price: $20 Buy at: www.dotsgloves.com

Pop Chart – The Very Many Varieties of Beer Poster

Think of the Pop Chart’s beer poster as a very effective and esthetically pleasing what to see the whole family tree of beer! Ever wondered the exact origins Guiness Stout lie this poster has the answer! Ever wanted to play the six degrees of Budweiser? Well that is now possible!

Perfect For: Beer Drinkers, College Students
Price: $25 Buy at: www.popchartlab.com

The Glif

The iPhone 4 has one of the best if not the best camera of any cell phone out there so why not get more out of your camera with The Glif. The Glif allows you to attach your iPhone 4 to a tripod in both landscape and vertical modes. The Glif also works well as a kick stand propping up your iPhone to a perfect angle for movie watching, reading or facetiming. The Glif is pretty much pure magic.

Perfect For: iPhone 4 Owners, Photographers
Price: $20 Buy at: www.theglif.com

36 Shot Bandolier

You gotta fight, for your right, TO PARTY!!!! So strap on this 36-shot-glass bandolier for a guaranteed good time. Two crossing nylon shoulder straps and an adjustable belt hold 36 bullet-shaped, one-ounce shot glasses complete with locking caps. You just thought you liked to party, but with this 36-shot party bandolier, you know.

Perfect For: College Students, Party People
Price: $9.99 Buy at:www.budk.com

True Clean Towel

The True Clean Towel has solved a problem that I didn’t realize existed until now. That problem, potentially wiping my face with a part of a towel that I have wiped my ass with! The geniuses behind the towel have sectioned off the towel so that you know exactly where to wipe what and in turn possibly avoiding ass to mouth towelage!

Perfect for: Clean Freaks, College Students, Anyone looking to now wipe their face on a towel they just wiped their ass with!
Price: $19 Buy at: www.truecleantowel.com

Handlebar Bottle Opener

Anytime you can combine mustaches with drinking tools you have a win situation on your hands. The “Handlebar” does just that, combining mustache goodness with a bottle opener and wine opener, in other words a triple threat of awesomeness.

Perfect For: Bartenders, Mustache Lovers
Price: $14 Buy at: www.fredflare.com

Ugmonk And Then I Woke Up Coffee Mug

Ugmonk’s best selling t-shirt design has been reinvented in time for holidays in the form of a coffee mug! This stylish mug brands an ampersand on one side and the motto “then I woke up”. This is the perfect coffee mug for tea bag ground coffee and early morning awesomeness.

Perfect for: Coffee Drinkers,
Price: $14 Buy at: www.ugmonk.com

HEX Watches

It’s truly amazing how far technology has come in such a short amount of time. I remember rocking a sweet calculator watch on the playground thinking I was the baddest dude around. The watch was cutting edge and almost seemed magical at the time, fast forward to present day and Apple’s new iPod Nano. The new Nano teamed up with the Hex Watch wristband basically transforms your wrist watch into a mini computer.

Perfect for: iPod Nano Owners
Price: $24.95 Buy at: www.shophex.com

Shot in the Pint Drinking Glass

This shot and beer glass combo gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “a shot and a beer”. This glass had done the unthinkable and combined a pint glass and a shot glass meaning less clean up and is just overall more cool than having a shot glass and a pint glass separate.

Perfect For: Alcohol Drinkers
Price:$19.95 Buy at: www.homewetbar.com

Get Bombed Beer Pong Kit

Get Bombed makes getting a beer pong game set up as simple as possible. The kit includes two Cup Racks, twenty 16oz Translucent Beer Pong Cups with printed Fill Lines, two Wash Cups, three 40mm Seamless BP PRO Beer Pong Balls and of course a Rule Sheet, basically everything you need to dominate a game of beer pong.

Perfect For: College Students, Beer Drinkers, Drinking Games
Price: $14.99 Buy At: www.getbombed.com


Here is a little known fact… Guys like boobs! 3DD has taken that fact and combined it with the 3D craze and bam you have an 86 page book of eye pooping awesomeness. The book also comes complete with avaiator style 3D glasses! And yes I realize that this is a few bucks outside of the $25 dollar price limit, but who can put a price on awesome boobs?!

Perfect for: MEN
Price: $29.99 Buy at: www.three-dd.com

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  • This list is amazing, I honestly bought like 6 of these items for people. You should do another one before xmas

  • Anonymous

    I might just swap out my xmas #WishList for this list right here, all things I’d love to have! AND THEN I WOKE UP COFFEE MUG is definitely a top of the list!

  • Glad you dug it! Make sure to share it with your friends! We are going to post a t-shirt version of this today.

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  • Most of them are interesting and worth buying

  • Aulchris

    eye pooping awesomeness……hahahahaha

  • Those iphone decals actually come in cases now that look like hard drives and old NES controllers

  • NadaFanO’Dbags

    “most of them are interesting and worth buying”. Are all the comments below from people who work for this site?! These gifts are overtly hipster-ish and/or frat boy laden. I’ve never been on this site before though so perhaps that’s what the market is….

  • ObviousManSays

    These are the lamest gifts I’ve ever seen. Perhaps I’m too mature for this site……

  • Grant

    These are pretty weak. Unless all you do is drink, it’s a fairly boring line-up in my opinion.

  • Well it is what it is

  • Kate

    One word. Lame.

  • Daniel

    these gifts are crud. Step up your game!

  • kingj0n

    Wow… lame gifts.
    Who would want this crap?

  • person

    Unless u like to rink, these aren’t really that good

  • person

    i swear that everyone below works for these companies

  • person

    advertising 101-pay the company to put up all these useless gifts-unless u really like drinking

  • person

    totally agree