Superfresh Clothes Has A Super Fresh Take On Tees

Superfresh Clothes is a company that I am impressed with. To put it simply they have a vision, a goal and an idea of what there brand is. But as simple as that sounds I see a lot of tee companies drop the ball on this.

So here is the idea behind Superfresh. Superfresh each month releases one to two new shirts or hoods in extremely limited quantities, 36 to be exact. Once a shirt is released on the site a two week countdown clock immediately starts. Once that clock hits zero the item is considered “spoiled” and get retired to “the freezer” where it will no longer be available to the public. EVER.

The only way to know when Superfresh has released a new tee is to either follow them on twitter, join their newsletter or simply check the site OFTEN. This is such simple yet effective way to get people involved with your brand, and really make customers feel like they have something extremely limited and hard to get.

The tees themselves are usually very brightly colored, loud and in your face. Honestly most of their designs fall outside of what I would usually wear, but I can definitely see the Warped Tour Teen crowd eating them up. With a price tag ranging from $15 to $30 the tees are also pretty affordable when you can catch them on the low end of that scale. Through the utilization of sites and Selling apps, you’ll be able to sell your own clothes online so you can earn some quick cash.

I also absolutely love how they have packaged their tees. Every tee is packaged in a styrofoam tray that you would get most of your meats in at the grocery store. This once again ties in great into the whole idea of being “Superfresh”.

Aside from the tees, Superfresh has a TON of accessories ranging from rings, bracelets, shades, keychains and necklaces. If you have seen the new Eminem video “No Love” take a close look at the kid in the video who is rocking a Superfresh “FRESH” rubber bracelet! Pretty huge!

Overall this a tee company that I think has the right idea and is doing a great job of marketing itself and building a brand around a central theme or idea. They are looking into expanding their clothing line; including custom windbreaker jackets.

Check them out at and check out more info about Superfresh in the video below;