70 Awesome Hoodies, Hoods, or Hoodys To Keep Warm This Fall/Winter!

It’s been quite sometime since I have put together a list, but with the upcoming Fall and Winter weather I figured it would be a perfect time to put together a list on HOODIES!!! The list contains 70 handpicked hoods that you will look superfly rocking this Fall and Winter! Each hoodie has both the price and a link to the hood listed below the picture of the hoodie!

Tell me which one is your favorite in the comments and I will pick two winners for FREE SHIRTS! Also PLEASE Retweet and Share this article if you enjoyed it!

Ugmonk $42

Ugmonk $48

Electric Zombie$40

Electric Zombie$40

Electric Zombie$45

Stheart: $39.95

Stheart $37.95

Glamour Kills $39.99

Glamour Kills $39.99

Threadless $45

Kill Brand $42

Kill Brand $35.99

Free Bird Couture $48

Unleash Hell $65

Seventh Ink $45

Seventh Ink $45

Ruckus Apparel $46.95

Ruckus Apparel $46.95

Threadless $45

604 Republic $56

The Editions $49.99

Dead Bury Dead $39.99

Miles To Go $38.99

Akumu Ink $48.50

Akumu Ink $48.50

Akumu Ink $48.50

Johnny Cupcakes $64.99

Johnny Cupcakes $64.99

Dark Earth $45

Snakes & Suits $39.99

Snakes & Suits $39.99

Built For Sin £10.00

Built For Sin £25.50

Disturbia £40.00

Disturbia £48.00

Zombie Liquorice $39.00

Drop Dead £45.00

To Die For $50.00

Paint the Stars £22.00

Paint the Stars £28.00

Rockett $45.00

Rockett $45.00

Dekay $40

Enclothe $40

Arkaik $40

Iron Fist $50

Iron Fist $50

Fatal Clothing $44.99

Live To Love $40

Rip N Dip $20

Prestigious $35

KKBB Apparel $25

Threadless $40

Panic Pop $39.99

Cherry Sauce Clothing $40.00

Heroine Clothing $39.95

Hide And Seek $45

SkillaFashion $45

Pause Designs $44.99

I Love Antix $44.00

Wonderful Life $27.99

Threadless $40

Fuzzy Ink $40

Fuzzy Ink: $40

Branded Baron $35

Mumford Clothing $40

Pure Imagination $42

Choonimals $40

HealClothing $49

Threadless $40

  • The Editions hoodie might be on of the sickest hoodies ive seen. Love it!

  • Jonah Fernandez

    Thank you sir for introducing me to PTS!

  • I’m going for The Editions – definitely a standout in that crowd!

  • Mitch Marty

    Snailpocalypse Hoodie from 604 Republic has my vote. I’d wear that everywhere.

  • This is ‘tough’
    Either going with the 1st Electric Zombie (Alpha Omega Grey Hooded)
    or The Editions.
    They’re both sweet.
    Well, they’re all ‘sweet’.
    Thank you for the list!

  • The wonderful life one has the most amazing illustration ever
    The second EZ one isn’t bad, liking the second Rockett one and the Arkaik

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  • Vserio8

    The First EZ one for sure as well as The Editions hoodie!

  • BrittanyDeSarro

    oooh. i love the ugmonk, choonimals, and johnny cupcakes hoodies!!! I found you on twitter, i love your site!!!! good, good list.

  • I love the wonderful life one and the life to love one!!!! very cool stuff you have. I am going to have to really look in to buying some of your stuff!!!!! you rock!!!!

  • Call me old fashioned, but the Ugmonk Ampersand just looks plain classy!

  • Call me old fashioned, but the Ugmonk Ampersand looks the classiest of them all!

  • Favorite is Ugmonk’s “And then I woke up”

  • Zoucas

    Second Rockett and Arkaik for sure!

    but, the originals man…totally original.

  • Wonderful Life hoodie is awesome and will be mine! Bought it as a birthday gift for myself.

  • Will T.

    I really like the akumi ink one, its sick. Also Love all the EZ hoodies, but don’t wear pull overs 🙁

  • really liked the hoodies from paint the stars

  • Smallz

    The Arkaik Empire Hoodie has been sold out for the longest time! Don’t tease me like that.

  • The Choonimal one is the best hoodie in this list! (:
    That’s a fact. haha

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  • Thanks for adding us 3 times!

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  • Hey dave email me at [email protected] and ill shoot you a tee for the comment! thanks!

  • Hey Isaac shoot me over an email at [email protected] and ill send you out a tee for the comment!


  • Awesome SkillaFashion made the list, thanks IATT fam!

  • My pick is the Tron hoodie (10th one down for those unsure)- I had already posted it as a featured hoodie, but you have to see the glowing version of it to really see it for what it is. – I see several hoodies I have in my bookmarks for future posts, will certainly bookmark more, THANK YOU!

  • bgtobe

    My fav is the Enclothe Marioflage 1-2 hoodie.

  • Fantastic collection of prints. Some are great, some so so but inspiring. Nice post