I Have Just Launched My First Product! Pong Deck!

Hey everyone, I know I have bombarding my site with Pong Deck info, but hey I’m excited! The Pong Deck is now officially available at www.pongdeck.com for only $9.99!

If you play beer pong or know anyone that plays beer pong, this is the game for your. Basically Pong Deck is comprised of 50 Cards divided into two categories, “Action” and “Drinking” cards. At the start of each game cards are shuffled up and dealt one under each cup, then the game begins as usual.

Once a shot is made the cup is then drank and removed, revealing your Pong Deck card. You flip over your card to reveal an action, which could be anything from slamming and chugging drinks, no look shots, hook shots, lose a turn, extra re-racks and more!

Pick the deck up at www.pongdeck.com

We also have some pretty amazing Pong Deck tees designed by Mike Gaboury owner of Cherry Sauce Clothing!

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Also check out the Pong Deck Infomercial below: