The Pong Deck Infomercial!!!

Some of you may have been noticing my posts on twitter or even IATT about a company myself and my friend started called PONG DECK! Well the time is almost here for launch, as we go live with the site and products this weekend, 10.10.10 to be exact!

In order to create some buzz and explain what Pong Deck is, we put together a infomercial parody for it! We just posted it up on YouTube today and can be viewed below. If you enjoy the video or know someone that loves beer pong, it would mean the world to me if you shared it with your friends, left a comment, liked the video or any combination of those!

Hope you enjoy! I would love to hear any feedback in the comments section! PONG DECK WORLDWIDE! Also you can sign up now for the mailing list to get 10% off your order and be entered to win a FREE Beer Pong Table at

  • everyone is gonna play pong… not only the college kids. Good ish.

  • AMAZING. this is about to make a staple in every party i attend.

    who am i kidding, its going to be a staple in my LIFE.

  • love to hear it! its available now!