Alex Pardee’s Amazing Halloween Prints!

Anyone that has been following my twitter for the past couple weeks knows that I have been on a serious Print buying tear! Since moving into my new place and actually having a dedicated office, I have made it my goal to pimp it out with some great artwork. Enter Alex Pardee.

I have been a fan of Alex’s work for quite sometime now but honestly have never owned any of his artwork. Upon visiting, Alex’s store I immediately discovered it was going to be incredibly difficult to pick just one print to hang. That is when I came across the “mini prints” section. All of the prints in the mini prints section measure 5″ x 7″ and are a VERY reasonable $10 each. They are also available in bundles of 3 for only $25! Pretty amazing! In the Halloween spirit I opted for a 3 pack containing Jason, Freddy and Michael Myers, and of course had to add Pennywise from It to make it an even 4.

After ordering my prints they showed up only a few days later in perfect condition and personally signed by Alex! I couldn’t be happier with the prints, price and amazing artwork from Alex. I highly recommend checking out and pickup some of these incredible prints!