SwitchEasy’s Rib Cage iPad Case

Somewhere between pure genius and pure creepiness lies the new Rib Cage iPad case from SwitchEasy. Easily the most striking and evil looking iPad case to hit the market, the Rib Cage case is not only one of a kind it actually sounds like it would provide quite a bit of protection for your iPad.

The case is wrapped in faux-leather and comes completely with shock dissipating rib cage. Aside from the case itself you also get a bunch of extra goodies including:

-Two portable fold-out stands
-One anti-static Screen Guard
-One Microfiber Wipe
-One Squeegee for your Screen Guard application

The Rib Cage Case costs $34.99 and when comparing it to the Apple $39 iPad case seems like a pretty good deal when you factor in all the goodies you get with it! The case comes in both black and white and is available HERE

  • skeletal look case for an iPad is cool. This will secure your iPad from damages.