This Tee Is Pure Sh*t! Or Is It?

For this week’s episode of IAMTHETREND TV, I decided to put together an episode looking at the issue of knowing your customers. While this seems like a pretty obvious area to pay attention to I believe that it is sometimes overlooked, and indie clothing companies assume things about their customer base. After all not everyone loves or even wants shirts printed on American Apparel. Depending on whom your customer base is maybe a simple Hanes Beefy tee is more what your customer base is after.

In the video I use clothing company Letter From John, to illustrate these points. I picked Letter From John, because honestly when I opened up their tees for the first time, I literally said to myself “wow, what a piece of shit!”, but after consideration of whom they are marketing to and what their target audience would be into, I came to the conclusion that Letter From John is actually doing a pretty good job at addressing customer needs and not spending unnecessary money on fashion tees or high quality prints.

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