The T-Shirt related utility websites have just been rolling in this summer. The newest site is called hireatshirtdesigner.com and lets you do just that, hire a t-shirt designer! The site was put together by the artist known as Collision Theory (AJ Dimarucot) whom also runs Teeoftheday.com.

The site itself is extremely simple and straightforward basically allowing artists to post a “classified” ad of themselves for hire. The only complaint that I have for the site is that you can only view 1 image for each artist. It’s a bit difficult to get the overall feel for an artist simply by one image. But that being said it is extremely easy to visit each artist’s website with a one-click entry to their site.

I can definitely see this website being very helpful for indie clothing lines that are just starting up or are in the market for some new designers. Check out the artists and their work at: www.hireatshirtdesigner.com