CD Review: Oblivious Signal

Review By: Kate Davenport of Static Media

In an age of singles and doubles, the female fronted melodic metal band Oblivious Signal continues to break ranks and not only put out a full length, but make it a limited edition in anticipation of yet another full length this year.

While the edition of John Tovar (Marilyn Manson, The Mavericks) as management, and an international drummer and bassist, along with a slew of potential producers, has the band’s fall release under question as to the form it will take, the July 5th release, Into The Night, is true to melodious metal.

The ten tracks tell a story of overcoming, and the feelings that come with both the battle and the victory. Each step of the way sultry front woman Cristina T. Feliciano gently urges us through the pain of things we may not identify with, but feel so real at that moment that we think we do.

Nick Orisino is a solid metal guitarist, without pretension or inhibition. His unrestrained musical style sets the tone to keep the CD on the harder side of mainstream, so that when Feliciano’s unique smokey voice joins in the album stays true to the genre.

Weeks prior to the Into The Night release, distressed band members got wind of a leak of the entire album on a Torrent site. They frantically attempted to pressure the site to remove it, while seeing signs of almost 20,000 copies illegally downloaded in the first 24 hours. The efforts proved to be unnecessary, as a download confirmed the copy to have been amateurishly uploaded at such poor quality that it should have no negative effect on album sales.

What is does say for the album is that people are eager to get their hands on it and that the limited edition copies could go faster than anyone expected.
Options for purchasing legal copies are on the bands website: