Is #FF (Follow Friday) A Waste Of Time And Clicks?

It happens every 7 days, many of us twitter users send out our tweets recommending new people to follow to our current followers. Every week @iamthetrend has roughly 5-15 people recommend us for #FF but I have yet to see anymore added followers then any normal tweet day. Granted 5-15 #FF recommendations isn’t anything huge, but it got me wondering if this whole #FF is a big waste of time.

To get to the bottom of this I started off by simply asking my followers “How many of you actually follow your friends/followers suggestions for #FF?” and the response was pretty immediate and for the most part unified.

“Not Really!”

Out of all the people to respond no one said that they blindly follow #FF suggestions just by simply adding them. Most of the responses explained if they found the person interesting enough that they would follow them. The problem with this is most of us really dont take the time to click on a #FF suggestion read through their tweets and decide if they are worth a follow. So how do we solve this dilemma and is it worth our time and clicks to suggest people to follow?

The answer is actually very simple. Tell us why we should follow those given people on #FF. I know I am ten times more likely to take a second to check out some #FF peeps someone tells me who those Twitter users and why I should follow them. Yes this takes a bit of extra time when suggesting #FF followers but taking that extra bit of time can really pay off.

Another very good suggestion given by one of our followers @newmonarch was simply to list only one person to follow and a reason to follow them. This to me makes the most sense and honestly would make me want to at least check out that twitter to see what they were all about. There really isn’t anything attractive about a #FF hashtag followed by as many Twitter names as you can fit into 140 characters.

Sure when #FF arrived on the Twitter scene just as the site was gaining traction a blind list of names to follow worked because at that point users were more willing to follow basically anybody because they either didn’t have a lot of friends on Twitter yet, wanted to build up followers or simply didn’t understand how Twitter worked at that point.

By spotlighting or highlighting a user you are basically giving a very good endorsement to that user thus giving people that follow you an actual reason to follow. I am definitely going to try and take this approach for the next couple weeks and be in contact with the people I recommend to see how it effects their amount of followers.

So I guess there is no better time then now to start this trend:

Make sure to follow @newmonarch Incredible webdesigner whom runs and is also extremely helpful to the design community. #FF

In closing #FF is definitely not a waste of time if you frame it right. Blindly recommending and following people doesn’t really benefit everyone. So this Friday take the time to tell us why we should follow those users. It’s time to STOP recommending without reasons, and stop recommending everyone of your followers. Let’s make #FF special again!

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  • If I choose to do an #FF, this is how I do it. I realized a while back that what's the point of a name with no reason to follow them? Now, I do #FF's occasionally because like you said at the beginning people were just looking to follow someone or didn't understand it. Now that it's older people want to know what connection they have with the person that is being suggested.

  • I decided a few weeks back to stop doing it. I think most followers just don't want to see a list of users followed by #FF. It's boring, spammy, and will probably lose you followers. That said, I think the idea of just making one recommendation is a good idea. But no reason why it should be on a Friday!

  • A lot of peeps just do it religiously with no thought behind it all, which to me really just defeats the purpose

  • A lot of peeps just do it religiously with no thought behind it all, which to me really just defeats the purpose

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