Inspiration Sea – It’s Time To Get Inspired!

Sometimes it’s downright difficult to get inspired and taking a look at what other artists, designers and photographers are doing is a great way to get creative ideas and new found inspiration. If your anything like myself I love to compare myself against the competition as well as LOVING it when people give me feedback on my website. Inspiration Sea does exactly both of those things for artist, photographers and designers all for FREE!

The site which was put together by Blue Tide Productions is a “invite-only” if you want to post your work on the site. I completely agree with this approach which basically allows only the best to post their work. However if you would like to view artists work or leave comments and start a profile that is completely open to the public!

As apart of their initial launch Inspiration Sea is giving away invite codes, usb flash drives, Go Media Arsenal Codes and much more.

Speaking of invite codes IAMTHETREND has 5 codes to give away! If you would like a invite code simply just RETWEET this article! I will pick 5 retweeters to give away the invite codes! So tweet away!