Come On Bro Your Macbook Needs A Fro!

Over the past couple months there have been a ton of websites and companies that are developing decals in conjunction with Apple products basically taking the Apple logo and turning it into a work of art. Some of these decal companies do a great job making creative durable decals and some do not. Stick With Me, Baby is definitely the former.

Stick With Me, Baby! has spun the iconic Apple logo a whole new direction with the ability to either “Fro” or “Mo” your Apple logo. “Fros” as you probably have guessed are hairdos that you can add to your Macbook, iPad or iMac. The “Fros” range in hairstyles from “The Creepy Uncle” to “The I Just Slept With Your Girl”. Basically any style hairdo you can hope for they have.

Now “Mos” on the other hand are mustaches for your Apple logo. Currently standing tall at 8 different quality staches ranging from the “The Monopolist” to “The Pussy Tickler” these guys have nailed some iconic staches.

Each “Fro” or “Mo” is made from 3M™ Controltac™ which is both durable yet removable allowing you to change your “Fros” and “Mos” with ease. Each piece will run you 8 Euros or a little under $10.

Check out the full collection at