Review: Breathe Electric

It seems like many bands these days fit into the electronica/dance-pop category. Honestly, a lot of them end up sounding the same, but I have to say, after giving Breathe Electric’s “Lovestruck” a listen, Breathe Electric is definitely not your generic dance/power-pop/electronica band.

The EP opens in a proper fashion with the high-energy title track. As the song progresses, it becomes maybe a little bit too repetitive, but sustains the energy and excitement that it begins with.

One thing that definitely sticks out to me about this particular album that many bands are guilty of, is the over-repetitiveness of songs. On a positive note, singer Grant Harris’ voice is definitely unique and helps put Breathe Electric’s music above all of the other generic pop bands despite the use of auto-tune throughout the album.

Something I really enjoy about this particular album, is the difference in each song. Yes, they do all seem to be about love and girls, but somehow each song is different enough that they keep the album from becoming monotonous, which is something I can’t stand. Each song is exciting and just a warning: you might find yourself dancing.

A particular song that sticks out to me, is “Electronic Lover”. The song slows down the somewhat fast pace of the album, but in a good way. The song itself is still full of energy, just a little slowed down.

Something else that many popular bands these days incorporate into their music, is just plain awful lyrics. Yeah, I’m looking at you 3OH!3 and Brokencyde. Even if the lyrics on “Lovestruck” are slightly generic, they beat putting down females and lyrics mostly talking about drugs and alcohol.

And now, the end of the album. “Stop Actin’” is the final track. If I had chosen the tracklisting, I really don’t think I would have chosen this song. It seems to keep the same mood in the sense of energy as the previous track “Electronic Lover”. The song is a bit slower paced as with “Electronic Lover” and is a disappointment. Although most of the songs on the album are around the same length, “Stop Actin’” feels shorter, like an abrupt, hurried ending.

If you like to dance, you will most likely enjoy this EP. Breathe Electric has a lot of potention to gain even more friends and become more well-known, which I would like to see. I was pleasantly surprised when I listened to this album, as this genre isn’t usually what I listened to. Definitely worth listenting to more than once.

I give it 3 stars out of 5.