Excuse Me Sir, But Does Your Phone Have Balls?

Being an avid iPhone user I have gone through quite a few different iPhone cases but this case really has something special going for it, balls. Yes, in the event that you want your phone to feel a bit more masculine or want a pair of rubbery balls close to your mouth and chin then Phoneballs.com has the case for you!

Here are some of the amazing features that come with every Phoneballs case:
-Provides a little something to tug on. We play with ’em all the time.
-Protects your data port from dirt and dust, yet easy to tuck back when you need to connect
-Soft, grippy silicone case doesn’t add much bulk (well, other than those bulky balls!)
-If they get dirty, just wash those dirty, sticky little balls with a little soap and water, they will come clean. -You had better believe it!
-iPhone NOT included
-Have fun while doing a good thing. Remember, 10% of what we make here goes to fight testicular cancer!

I love the fact that 10% of the proceeds go to fight testicular cancer, not only is this case “the balls” it also supports a great cause!

They are $15 each and come in two colors both Blue Balls and Peach Fuzz!

You can pick a pair up at www.phoneballs.com