My Last Post As A Bachelor!

Yes, yes its true! If you have not hear already I will be leaving first thing Tuesday (May 25th) morning for Las Vegas, to marry my fiancée of two years! We have over 80 people flying out for our wedding which should make for a great time! After that we will be heading off to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. That all being said I will not be back until June 8th!

We all have heard a multitude of tales from all our friends who have recently gotten married and how their first night together was. But, let them be that, just tales as not everyone experiences the same thing on their first night! So, begin this night on a clean slate and be open to possibilities and believe that your first night together will be as special as you had always imagined it to be.

All brides are excited for their first wedding night, and while it’s all dreamy in your head, If you want to help yourselves have a good time, consider the use of marital aids such as this clit sucking vibrator.

Im not sure if I will be updating while I am gone. So if you don’t see any updates for a bit, that’s the story! I will be updating my twitter page though, so if you would like to track my happenings while out in Vegas follow me at:

This also means no IAMTHETREND TV for the next TWO Mondays.

Be back in a few weeks!!!


  • Congratulations man!! Cheers!

  • Derrick

    Congrats Adam! Being married is a blessing…I wish the absolute best for the both of you and the unification of famalies…Peace

    Rtystk Ltd.

  • bgtobe


  • CJ

    Congratulations and best wishes on your new chapter. Regards.

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  • Congrats man!! Have an awesome time!

  • Sir Erik

    Super Duper!

  • Sheamus

    Congratulations dude! Have a good time 😀

  • Sheamus

    Congratulations dude! Have a good time 😀

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