We Interview Illustrator and Owner of Mumford Clothing, Dan Mumford

Dan Mumford has made a name for himself the past three years in the freelance world landing jobs designing CD covers for bands such as A Day To Remember and The Devil Wears Prada as well as working with countless bands and indie clothing lines. When I heard that Dan was releasing his own line the first thought that I had was “about time!”. His first release titled “The Heretic” is a great example of telling a story through art and in this case shirts. The new line hit the web on May 14th at www.mumfordclothing.com and I with this release I really wanted to find out what the inspiration was behind starting his own brand. Here is what he had to say….

So for the uninformed who is Dan Mumford?

Dan Mumford is an English born and bred illustrator who lives in London in the East End. Ive been freelancing for the past 3 years and working mainly within the alternative music industry, but i also do some contemporary illustration work here and there.

Huge congrats on launching your clothing line! How does it feel to have it up and available?

It feels so good! Its been this huge secret that only me and the guys at IndieMerch have known about for the past 7 months or so, we talked about it mid last year and since then its been this thing thats always been in the back of my mind, and worked on here and there, and then it slowly built up to May when we launched, and finally..its out there! So yeah, it feels good, definitely something i have wanted to do for the past couple of years.

I have often wondered all the time why artists such as yourselves just dont launch their own line. What held you back at first and what was the deciding factor for starting your own clothing line?

I think more than anything its time and money, as it always is! Like i said ive only been freelancing properly for about 3 years now, and i think it was only after the first year that i realised i could actually make some sort of living from working in this industry. Like most artists i started to find my work get a bit stale and repetitive, it wasn’t as much fun anymore, so for the past couple of years i have really wanted to do some big personal project, but i just never had the time, and any time spent doing personal work is time i needed to spend paying the bills if you will. So when Karim from IndieMerch came to me last year and asked if i would be interested in doing a personal clothing line and sell it through IndieMerch, i had to do it. I made sure early this year i gave myself a good month and half to just draw my own stuff, and The Heretic was what came out of that time.

The new line titled “Heretic” is described on your website a seven piece story of the occult. Could you elaborate on the story and inspiration behind the line?

Well I started out with the intention of trying to tell some sort of a story, ive not seen it done before to this extent, and ive always loved trying to tell stories with illustration, for me thats a fundamental basis to illustration. So it just made sense to try and make all these designs very cohesive, and the more i worked on it the more this story came together. Initially it was just the illustrations, but then my good man Travis Ducsay from Rockett helped me out and came up with the beautiful descriptions for each piece, so that really cemented this idea of telling a story through the tees. When you read them all together in order as well it makes for a compelling and ambiguous read, he did a killer job.

What is your overall vision and goal for “Mumford” and what can we expect down the road?

I really want to be able to focus on Mumford, its got a lot of potential i think, at least i hope it does. I would love to continue down this road with it and be able to tell more stories and get a bit weirder and more out there with it, get metaphysical with it and so forth, haha! And also not just stay in the realm of dark illustration, I really want to explore the possibilities for narrative through this medium, i think theres a lot of possibilities for it in the future, for me at least this is just the start of something really fun and exciting.

Since you have now launched your own line will you still be doing freelance work for other clothing lines?

Oh most definitely, just got to keep the best designs for myself now! I would hope that we can stagger Mumford so its 4 lines a year perhaps, every three months and in between that just keep up the regular job. I would love for it to take over as my main focus one day.

Other than launching your line, “Mumford” what are some of the accomplishments that you are most proud of?

I would have to say still making a living from Illustration. I never thought i would be able to live off of drawing the things i do, its kind of crazy when i think about it. I complain about it sometimes and then realise how ridiculous it is that this is my life, its definitely a very strange thing, but awesome. And yeah Mumford really is a big thing for me, the fact we got to this point feels really good, and if it where to all end tomorrow i would still feel proud of what we managed to put out there.

Are there any last minute shout outs or news that you would like to touch on?

No news as such other than the launch of Mumford! But I would just like to give a big shout out to Karim, Kevin, Isaac and alll the amazing people at IndieMerch, Jakprints, the guys in the Black Dahlia Murder, anyone thats bought a tee, Godmachine, Horsebites, the black Axe and Belanger for keeping me on my toes..! And not that he will read this, but my dad as without his support i would have done any of this, And of course last but not least, my girlfriend Skye for putting up with me whilst i draw crazy things.

Thanks again for your time and good luck with the new line!


Make sure to check out Dan’s new line called Mumford at www.mumfordclothing.com