Dead, Serious! Indie Clothing Interview

Fresh off their impressive Spring 2010 release we decided to get an interview with the owner of Dead,Serious! to see what makes his brand tick and catch up on all things Dead,Serious! Enjoy!

So you could start off by telling us your name and how you are involved with Dead, Serious!

Hi, I’m Yves & I’m the owner/founder of Dead, Serious!

When did Dead, Serious! launch and where did you guys come up with the name?

We started out really small over two years ago actually & been working our way up since.
As for the name, we wanted one that had a double meaning & also in a way had a sarcastic note to it. I was obsessed (and still am) with zombie flicks, ‘Dead, Serious!’ popped in my head & my partner at that time loved it too. So we decided to go for it & work around the name for our very first shirt. Keaton Henson took care of that by making an awesome zombie design. That’s how it all began.

What do you think makes Dead, Serious! standout from it’s competition and why should we shop there?

What makes us standout is the fact that quality is most important to us. Quality in general, ranging from the designs to the prints and material we work with. We want to offer our customers a product that they can truly cherish in every aspect.

You guys have worked with some pretty incredible artists, do you have any favorites?

I’m gonna be totally honest with you and say no. We truly love every single artist we’ve worked with so far. It would be unfair to mention only one because I do think all of them put in the best of themselves. Every single one of them is my favorite.

We really couldn’t be more blessed being backed up by all of these awesome designers to be honest.

Dead, Serious Clothing

How would you describe the Dead, Serious! style in one word?


Something that has always impressed me about your line is how professional you guys come off. From the designs, to the mockups, photographs and more you guys seem to always take that extra step. Could you talk a little bit about how you are building your brand identity?

Oh, thank you, that’s really awesome to hear.

We’re continuing to build our brand identity by bringing in quality on all levels, ranging from the designs to the photographs and models. We feel that if we’d try to do everything as professional as possible we’ll hopefully come across the best way.

However, we’re still evolving in this matter but that’s what is making it all so fascinating, trying to grow bigger & better by learning out of the experiences from the past.

What is the most difficult part of running a clothing line?

The most difficult part is by far the whole financial arrangement behind it. Thank God we’ve fixed ourselves a very good accountant to take care of it. It honestly used to drive me crazy, the amount of time I invested in it kept me from doing the fun side of the company which was extremely frustrating.

Let me just throw this out there, you have some of the best looking models in the game. Are you just surrounded by gorgeous women or do you seek them out to help promote Dead, Serious!?

Haha thanks, well, it may sound unbelievable but most of them are actually just friends of mine. However, we also have a couple professional models that help us out.

You have to keep in mind though that about 90% of our models never modelled before so they’re absolutely doing an amazing job. They’ve actually become a very important part of our brand identity.

Dead, Serious Clothing

With so many indie clothing brands popping up do you embrace them or fear them?

I don’t see other companies as competition but in the contrary, I see them as colleagues in a way. I’d rather have good contacts with them instead of pulling out knives, you know. I believe you’re not doing yourself or your company a favor by acting all hostile towards newbies. I think you just have to keep on believing in your own product & your loyal fans and if that faith is there I’m sure you’ll be doing just fine.

What are some of your favorite websites?

My favorite websites are those of our designers. I check their blogs frequently because I’m really interested in what they’re up to & always love seeing new work of them.

Besides that I like visiting fellow brand sites & sites like yours to actually keep me updated on what’s happening in the industry all over.

Any new bands we should check out?

I’ve heard Blink 182 is rather good?

Any last minute shout outs or anything we didn’t cover that you wanted to mention?

We’d like to thank every single person that helped us out in any way, to help us push this brand. We wouldn’t have gotten this far without your love & support.

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