Five Points Interview

Our band just fell apart… or at least that part of it behind the microphone did. As you watch your front man walk away from your band, on the brink of being signed, what do you do? Gut reaction might be to walk away, join other established bands who need experienced professionals. OR, you can except the challenge of replacing your lead singer and re-proving yourselves to everyone. And you can take on the additional risk of letting a film crew follow you on this journey, documenting every trial, set back and stress; achievement and hard won step forward.

When singer Ray West abandon Girls Of Porn, rumored to be in negotiation talks with labels, 4 guys were left with just this dilema. To retire the band and let there dream and music die, or embark on the long journey of becoming what they are today, the respected rock band Five Points, the band in which the movie “State of Rock’ is filmed around.

While the entricacies of what went down with the metamorphosis of this band are difficult to follow, the end result has led them down paths so intriging to a music fan that not only has producer Anthony Arkin completed this full length documentary about it, but he is following it up with a series called Road Pigs. If you want Music related information or different blogs for music then check out website.

The odyssey includes at least 4 name changes, an American Idol darling, and a lot of Patron.
Read their strange tale here, and then go see the movie, or just find the guys at, of all places, a NASCAR event.

Who is the current line up of Five Points?

Craig Jordan: Vocals Rob Math: Guitars Randy Rollner: Bass Rik DeLuca: Drums

What name and member changes have you gone through over the years?


Oh my god there’s been so many let see, as far as band names we were Girls of Porn, 11211, Lotus and Blood Orange, Inc.thats all I remeber right now. as far as band members we had Ray West was on vocals Tim Rockmore on guitar then there was Yosuke Arai on guitar who lasted several years John Bectal on vocals then there was Constintine Maroulas, I’m sure you all heard of him. At the time he wasn’t very good so we had to let him go and he was replaced by Mike Hemmes. We did a little recording with him but he didn’t have the goods.

There where many many nameless other singers and guitar players that auditioned. After some time with very little result I gave an old friend a call who can sing his ass off, his name is Craig Jordan now lead singer of the band. Craig and I used to play together years ago along with this guitarist Pete Testa and that was the begining of Five Points. Pete lasted about 8 months and quit a day before a show, I think it was too much for him to handle. Craig gave a call to another monster guitar player we used to play with, Rob Math, who ironically replaced Pete once before! Rob fell in love with what we where doing and jumped on board and there you have Five Points!

How were you initially approached to do the rock-doc State Of Rock?

Anthony and I use to be neighbors in the same loft building in Brooklyn. We became friends through our similar taste in art and music. Anthony witnessed the daily grind of what it was like to be an up and coming artist. He thought it was an interesting topic not yet done before. All the hard work that might or might not get you the success you’re looking for. So basically a Hard Days Night, but before there is a Hard Days Night.

What was it like to be followed around, having your lives captured on film for four years?

At first it was a little weird, well maybe the first day. After that it was like having Anthony and all our friends around all the time, you don’t even know there was a camera on. The strangest part was watching the film, seeing your life on film was a bit unsettling.


At first it was kind of strange there’s all these people around filming everything and you try to put up this front looking cool and shit but thats not what Anthony was after. He wanted to capture us being us. After some time you forget that anyone has a camera and all this great stuff comes out. Eventually you just start acting like yourself.

How soon after the loss of Girls Of Porn’s singer did the filming start?

About nine months, we were looking for a new singer when Anthony began filming. Some of the early scenes of the movie where shot by friends and family.

What is your relationship like with former singer Ray West?
I still talk to him from time to time just to catch up that’s about it.

Ray West… who???

How deep into your personal lives does the movie delve?

Straight to the heart, what you see is what you get, we never asked Anthony to remove a scenes because we were assholes or we looked foolish. It is as real as it gets.

Were there times when you wanted to say “Turn off the F-ing camera? Did you ever say that?

Never. I think most of the time we were too drunk to care.

One of the auditioning singers went on to some TV notoriety. Can you give us a sneak peak at that story?

Constantine went on to be a contestant on American Idol. He placed in the final 8. The chemistry and writing wasn’t right, we just did’nt jell with him. I always thought his talents would be best suited on Broadway. Constantine is now staring in Rock of Ages on Broadway. Good for him!

Any idea how many total hours of footage were taped over the years?

Over 500 hours were shot!

What important life events were inadvertently captured during the filming? (Events that were not directly band related, like marriages, divorces, children, etc. )

Rik got married to his smoking hot wife Janet.
I dated about eight girls (all relationships ending horribly.)
Yosuke disappeared off the face of the earth, we haven’t heard from him since the wrap of shooting.
Rik and I continued with the project to where we are today!

The director of the film, Anthony Arkin, is rather well known. What was it like working with him?

Anthony’s the bomb he’s one of my best buds. Many many laughs and many bottles of Patron.

How do you feel his involvement will give the film a stronger chance of success?

I think Anthony is telling a universal story. It’s about the underdog’s and the dream chasers of the world. At the end of the day music has very little to do with the message in which the director is trying to convey. Go out there and throw it all on the line for what one’s passion is. I think our song “Never Letting Go” pretty much sums up the story of the band. Never give up never surrender.

How does it feel to watch the movie now?

For a while there was nothing happening with the band, so it was really depressing to replay all the disappointments. Now I feel really fortunate to have had the experience. It’s not everyday you get a big chunk of your life on film.

When is the movie stated to be released, and how and where will it be available?

Right now we are negotiating a distribution deal for the band and the movie. We are hoping to have it released by the end of the summer. Along with the DVD a bonus single will be added to the package. If everything goes to plan both the movie and the band’s record will be available at all major retail stores and all digital outlets. So pick one up!

What are the next steps for the band and the movie?

The band will be touring throughout north america in support of the release of the movie and the record. We will be appearing in many in- store events and screenings of the film as our schedule permits. For a complete tour schedule and a list of upcoming events please visit us at
We will also be at many NASCAR events! So come out and give us a hell yeah!