PrettySnug Makes Amazing Coasters, Stationary, and Cards

Okay, so I’m a sucker for cute animals, and stationary, and bright colors. All this being said, I came across a wonderful artist from England named Elizabeth who designs and creates linocuts, screen prints, paper coasters, and greeting cards! Her shop is called PrettySnug and can be found on Etsy.

The designs are all quite simple, but I think that is what I like about them. The few that have bright colors also stand out to me, especially the bright yellow raccoon linocut block print. I also love the coasters! They would be perfect for a party or to use just because. Who knows, if I got some I probably wouldn’t even put them out, they look too awesome! Everything is very reasonable priced at around $3.50 for a single greeting card, to $15 for a set of coasters and $25 for prints.

I highly recommend checking out the shop, and here is a little bit more info about the artist! Enjoy!

“I’m Elizabeth Pawle, a printmaker based in Suffolk, England, and I’ve only recently opened my Etsy shop. I was a really creative child, I loved art and I was always busy with my hands, but English was my strongest subject at school and I went into journalism; a career I enjoyed but never really settled into.

I’ve always loved colours and textures and the way they can be used together, so when I discovered printmaking I realized I’d found something I wanted to do forever. I take my inspiration from nature, mainly, and I love natural colours: sky blues, spring greens, rich browns.

I specialize in screenprinting the traditional way and I use no photo-emulsion techniques which means I spend hours cutting intricate designs into paper but this gives truly limited edition work, as no two paper stencils could ever be identical. Working with ink and paper is always exciting as there’s no telling what results you might achieve. What looks great on one paper might not work on another, and the haphazard fashion in which I mix my inks means the chance of ever producing the same colour is slim.

The work is laborious in the best possible way but this does mean my head is swimming with designs waiting to be put down on paper. Some of them make it straight away, others need to brew for a little longer – as long as the ideas keep on coming, I’m happy!”

Check out PrettySnug at:

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