Charming Baker, Art’s New Rockstar

Is it possible for an artist to be viewed as a “rockstar”? Well Pat Magnarella, the man responsible for exploding rock giants Green Day certainly thinks so with his latest move of putting is management force behind artist Charming Baker.

Magnarella explained the move as follows “I want to use my experience with guiding and nurturing the careers of musicians to create a similar platform for talented artists. And Charming’s talent is undeniable.”

The idea of putting a true brute management force behind an artist is indeed a very interesting concept. Let’s face it, the majority of artists are not business people, just like most musicians. There are countless amounts of incredible artists out there that simply do not know how to market themselves and really could benefit from someone handling that aspect of their career.

Charming Baker himself seems to be the perfect fit for the “Rockstar Artist” push. Known for crazy antics such as blowing holes in his artwork with a shotgun and incorporating drills and saws along with his paint brush definitely seems rock and roll to me.

Pat Magnarella has already made some pretty big moves with Charming Baker, setting him up with an art exhibit in New York at the NY Studio Gallery . The exhibit will run from May 14th till May 30th and will feature some of Charming Baker’s most controversial work such as a painting of Michelle Obama with her face sawn off and stitched back together.

Pat teaming up with the already edgy Charming Baker seems like the perfect fit to see how this experiment will work. Yes, many artists do have managers that help them with the business side of their dealings, but up until this point this is the first time a manager and management company that comes from the music business has stepped up to push an artist, and that to me is why this is so special.

In closing, I absolutely love the idea of artists becoming more prominent figures and “rockstars” in today’s world. Art and music go hand and hand, and I really think that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Give it another couple years and you will be seeing artists creating and selling art on tours such as “Warped Tour” ushering in a youth culture that idolizes artists the way the do musicians.

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