We Interview Artist Adam Vaudin

Let’s start by telling us something about yourself.

I’m Adam an illustrator & artist from St Louis but I live in England now. I’m listening to Gorillaz and Creedence Clearwater Revival as we speak, eating chili crisps and drinking peach and apple juice and drawing some dinos.

When did u start to draw/design?

I started drawing the same age I stopped wearing diapers, and a few weeks after that I got a wacom for my 16th so I started designing then.

Are you telling me you wore diapers till the age of 15?

Really, I started drawing when I was super young like any kid, stopped wearing diapers at a regular age, and started designing when I was like 15. Naivity or ignorance led me to making crappy art for a bit of money and I thought ‘most excellent!’ but then I wised up a bit, learnt about the field I was drawn to and wanted to truly do it forever.

Where do you get most of your inspiration from?

I always feel uninspired, so that quest for more imagination propells me to try and find inspiration like a tugboat through a swamp. So many artists inspire me, life in general. I can’t seem to sit down without wanting to draw or getting some dumb idea but it rarely comes into a finished imagining. I’m so lazy that I sometime think ‘I’m going to waste my life away without creating as much as I want to.’

Any themes you prefer when drawing, or do you draw anything that comes up in your mind?

If i’m given a brief I always jump almost immediately to a composition or drawing in my mind and I always try and think ‘how could I make this so i’d like it more’. I literally do that, sometimes my ideas aren’t shared so I pull them back but I’m always happy at the end. Other then that my doodles always go through themes or there will be something I draw constantly without interuption for a week then gradually stop, like a few weeks ago i could not stop drawing lavalamps! So i got a free brief and thought’ im going to do a lavalamp’

Who were your influences when u first started to design?

Can’t truly remember. When I was introduced to the amazing world of Shantz I did get sidetracked and pulled from him a bit too much haha but I eventually started to develop more substantially ‘my’ work and that was a relief. Anyway Mike Shantz is the most rad artist ever so thats how I answered that question.

What’s the favorite design you created?

I spend a bunch of time on my ‘snake&antlers‘ design and I do still love that the most I think. My proudest design so to speak.

How did the ‘snake&antlers’ design come to life and did it take u long to finish it?

I sketched a terrible snake around a circle, scanned it in and experimented with what I wanted in the middle. I landed on a coffin with interweaving antlers and then drew that. It took ages because of the scales haha and I wanted to get it to its best because I had a bunch of time back then. Probably took a few weeks overall, but a good number of hours thinking and contemplating and stuff.

What do you like about being an artist?

one word – everything. I like the artistic outlet, the fact I’m working in a field I love and most artists I love work in, the fact others like wearing it, the fact I get to work with brands I think are sweet, that I get paid a really great amount for someone my age to do something I’m passionate about, that I get to talk to these amazing artists around me (virtually), the career options it’s mad possible for me to really consider, the drive it’s given me to keep improving.

What would you recommend to new artist?

learn the basics, always. just do it, just find a piece of paper and a pen and draw,. don’t undervalue yourself but remember everyone hates a cocky undertalented kid. take the time you have, rushing stuff always looks worse.

Where can people contact you for a design?

hah ! well check me out at adamvaudin.com and antlersandcoffins.com for some of my work, and email me at adamvaudin [at] hotmail.com to discuss whatever project you have !