Review of Jon and Roy’s New Album, Homes

Like sitting by the camp fire with a guitar, a drum, and anything else you can get your hands on, the calming harmony of opening track “Any Day Now” from Jon and Roy’s third official album leaves you in awe-state and dying to hear what’s next.

Victoria locals John Middleton and Roy Vizer, and their band, are following up to their critically acclaimed second album, “Another Noon” (2008), with a 14 track gem, “Homes”, dropping this April 13th. The combination of melodic strokes and cheerful whistling all chiming to the tune of reggae chords, African drums, and wise lyrics puts a new meaning to this genre of folk music.

Recently coming off of having their single, “Another Noon”, featured on a commercial for Volkswagen, the group seems to be putting an even greater effort in to exploring their plethora of musical variations. Perhaps it’s the recent expansion of their band, with Dougal Maclean on Violin and friend Ryan Tonelli on bass, that has helped them with the continued success and achievements, playing some of Canada’s largest music festivals, and having their music featured in movies and TV shows. Perhaps it’s the quaint and cozy atmosphere of Vancouver Island, where they spent countless hours recording the new album, that has kept them so lively in their music.

My song of choice from Homes has got to be “Giddy Up“, which seems to highlight the entire album for me, as well, reminds me so much of their previous works.

Bottom line, this album is simply wonderful if you’re in to softer, more melodic folk music, and I can see it possibly being an album anyone would like, even if the folk genre isn’t their cup of tea. Jon and Roy also make for a good live performance, and you can catch them live if you’re in the Victoria area April 1st, as they’re playing their CD release party at the McPhereson playhouse.

My Rating: 4½ out of 5