Subeco Clothing Shows Us All How To Be More Green!

Hey everyone, I wanted to first thank the guys at I Am The Trend for letting me write for them! Just wanted to give you a quick back round about me and why I am writing for IATT. I own an indie clothing line that focuses on environmentally friendly ways of living called Subeco. So I am here to give tips and ways of living that are easy to do and are inexpensive to do. Pretty much cheap ways to go green! So here is one of hopefully many articles.

Have you ever been on vacation and go to text your friend about how awesome your trip is going and hear that horrible “beep beep” and you know your cell phone is dead. What do you do? Well if you are me you get out your secret safety mechanism out! Also known as a portable solar panel. You are probably thinking “What his this guy talking about? Don’t solar panels only belong on rooftops?” Well if it was 1999 then I would say yes but it’s 2010 and I have a small yet amazing device to help out anyone and everyone!

See I told you it was small! Literally under four inches long and slightly over one inch wide. This little bad boy can charge my EnV Touch for about 45 minutes and can charge about 40%-60% after the solar panel was left out in the sun for about 8-10 hours.

The best thing about this unit is that it cost less then $15! It also is very easy to slide into your pocket or purse and bust it out when you need it for your cell phone, ipod, iphone, or even a macbook!

Not only are these small portable solar panels a life saver when you need something charged and fast but they are also very green! By green I mean that they are environmentally friendly. Meaning that the panels literally don’t use any energy. You leave them out in the sunlight for a period of time and the panels have Silicon that is mounted beneath non-reflective glass to produce photovoltaic panels. These panels collect photons from the sun, converting them into DC electrical power. That electrical power is what we all use to power televisions, charging cell phones and pretty much anything in your home. Now the small 5.5 Volt one featured in this article isn’t the only one you can get.

I also own a 20 Volt panel that is about eight inches by eight inches that I actually leave in my car in the back under the rear windshield in full sun. I use that one for emergencies when I am on the road and I also take it to live events were I need to charge my macbook or cell phone. Now that one cost me about $75 but it can charge for about 12 hours straight.

Not to shabby for just throwing it in the back of my car. The sun is not only great for tanning but is also an amazing tool to use for energy, however, is not good for your skin that is why is better to use tanning lotion for fair skin.
Some good sites to purchase small portable solar panels: (search solar panels) Prices starting around $8 USD. (Prices are a bit more then ebay)
-Solar Charger