Little Boots Album Review

Little Boots, also known as Victoria Hesketh is a 25 year old electro pop singer/songwriter from the UK. Her debut album, ‘Hands’, was just released on Atlantic in the U.S. on March 2nd; it was previously released in the UK last year in June. Little Boots is sure to captivate fans with her singing, and playing of many instruments such as synthesizers, the stylophone and Tenori-on. Her style rivals that of other female artists that are making waves right now such as La Roux, Ladyhawke and Lady Gaga.

‘Hands’ starts out with the opening track ‘New In Town’ which is definitely one of the catchiest songs on the entire album. It sucks you in right away with the intro and carries the song all the way through; I know I had it on repeat for quite a while!

The whole album is a wonderful mix of electro pop that is reminiscent of disco and 80’s flare. Every track is unique and Little Boots wows with songs like ‘Stuck on Repeat’ that was produced by Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard, and dance club worthy ‘Remedy’ and ‘Meddle’. The ninth track on the album, ‘Symmetry’ is also one of my favorites. This duet with Little Boots and The Human League’s singer Philip Oakey, (Think 80’s hit, ‘Don’t You Want Me’) is absolutely amazing. Each of them vocally compliments each other very well and makes this track a standout on ‘Hands’.

Rounding out the track list are ‘Hearts Collide’ and ‘No Brakes’ which, as soon as they end, make me want to turn around and start the album all over again. After listening to ‘Hands’, I can definitely see Little Boots going far with her career, I just hope that she can stand out enough among the many other female artists that are so prevalent at the moment. She is definitely a breakout artist that is worth keeping an eye on. ‘Hands’ is out now and Little Boots is also going on a full U.S. tour this spring. I highly recommend picking ‘Hands’ up and seeing her live if you can.


For fans of: La Roux, Ladyhawke, Lady Gaga

Track Listing:

1. New In Town
2. Earthquake
3. Stuck On Repeat
4. Click
5. Remedy
6. Meddle
7. Ghost
8. Mathematics
9. Symmetry
10. Tune Into My Heart
11. Hearts Collide
12. No Brakes