IAMTHETREND Turns 1 And We Are Giving Away $100 Visa Gift Card

Yes its true! IAMTHETREND.com has turned 1! To celebrate we decided what better way then to give back to those of you that have followed and supported our site over the past year! So we will be giving away a $100 Visa Gift Card to one lucky winner!

Here are the details on how to win!

A 1 Minute Video of yourself doing 15 revolutions around a bat, hockey stick, broom, or whatever cylindrical object you may have. At the end of your 15 revolutions you must draw a mythological creature!

You then need to post your video on our facebook wall at: facebook.com/iamthetrend or post it on any video hosting site such as youtube and send us a link!


Fire up those webcams, 15 spins then draw a mythological creature! The more creative the better!!!!

For those of you that aren’t as adventurous you can simple retweet this page and we will pick on retweeter for a $25 Visa Gift Card!