We Chat With Drama About His Streetwear Clothing Company Young & Reckless

If you are at all familiar with Rob and Big or Fantasy Factory, you will definitely recognize the owner of Young & Reckless. Chris Pfaff a.k.a Drama was and is a mainstay on both of those shows, and when I heard that he was running a clothing line I knew I had to get a chance to interview him. Honestly I didn’t know what to expect, and really wasn’t even sure if he would take the time to do the interview.

Not only was Drama cool enough to do the interview he really showed me that he cares about what he is doing and isnt just some celebrity trying to make a quick buck off some t-shirts. Hope you enjoy the read and make sure to check out his site at: www.youngandreckless.com

First off I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time out of your hectic schedule to do this interview! If you could take just a quick second to introduce yourself and what you do for Young & Reckless.

My name is Chris Pfaff a.k.a. Drama. I’m from Akron Ohio, and you most likely know me from Fantasy Factory on MTV. I am the owner and creator of Young & Reckless.

When did you decide to start Young & Reckless and what was the inspiration for starting your own brand?

Its something that I had been interested in for a long time but never really had the proper resources. Once I got with the right people and we started shooting Fantasy Factory I just realized that there was no better time then that moment to do it and I went for it. That was about 8 months ago. My inspiration comes from all over the place, but I’d have to say that the biggest influence to me is the whole streetwear vibe and culture that is huge here in LA. My goal was to create something with a similar vibe but be able to have it fully available to the mainstream unlike most of these brands now.

Between Fantasy Factory, your music career and Young & Reckless things have to be crazy how do you manage your time?

Yes!! Very much so. I’ve just became conditioned to it. 99% of my time is spent working on one of those 3. But its gotten to the point where if I’m not working or I’m just sitting around I go insane. I always have to be making progress in something.

How would you describe the Y&R brand to someone that hasn’t seen it andwhat do you feel makes your brand standout?

Streetwear style clothes. A lot of bright colors and designs that stand out. Right now we are still very logo driven but I plan on moving away from that into more artistic designs in the near future. I think the main that makes it stand out thing is the color and design choices. Its real loud and easy to spot.

Do you actually design the tees yourself or do you hire out artists for the designs?

I work directly with a few different artists. I like the combo of that true design knowledge with me creativity and overall vision.

What are some brands that you have looked up to while building your own?

Most definitely all of these streetwear brands like Rogue Status, Diamond, Crooks & Castles etc. Also brands like Famous Stars & Straps and LRG that have been able to really break into that mainstream market and be huge.

What has been the most difficult and most rewarding parts of running your own line?

Most difficult is just the time involved and trying to just get over the regular speed bumps of the business. Getting people to believe in ur project. Most rewarding is every single time that a move or progress is made. Any piece of product placement or new store or anything. Seeing this thing that has been built from scratch grow and turn into something real is unexplainable.

I see you guys just teamed up with Diamond Supply Co. Can you talk a bit about that collab and how it came together?

Ive known Nick Diamond for a while just from the skate industry and mutual friends. I also used to wear Diamond a lot before I had my line. So once my line was to the point where it was ready I just reached out and it was a no brainer for both of us.

So what can we expect from Young & Reckless in 2010?

Big things of course!! Got a big episode coming out about it with Ocho Cinco on the new season of Fantasy Factory. Acting verryyy Reckless. A lot of new collabs, parties, placements and just a lot more Recklessness!!

Make sure to check out Young and Reckless at: www.youngandreckless.com

  • Nice interview! Im anxious to see what some of his more artistic tee ideas are gonna be like.

  • Nice interview. Very inspiring.

  • Nice interview. Very inspiring.

  • Jordan

    goofy.  the only reason this sells at all is because of ROb and the show…

  • definitely doesnt hurt

  • Bick_ings

    The brand is awesome! Its inspiring actually.

  • Patnoce24

    you need to bring back the shirt that only says reckless like the crewneck

  • Patnoce24

    you need to bring back the shirt that only says reckless like the crewneck

  • Patnoce24

    you need to bring back the shirt that only says reckless like the crewneck

  • Sky Y&R

    This is an awesome brand!! I live it!! I just bought some more stuff from your clothing line!

  • Brandon_tater2005

    Live and vbreath this shyt yo

  • he blew up the brands quick! shows how putting  your brand out there to TV viewers is soooo effective.

  • Raysoflove Ec

    i love your brand its the definition of this generation

  • Virgin Drama

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  • Reckless23

    Hi my name is Noah and i love Ur brand. The thing is I don’t have any hats or clothing of it but drawings. I love the show u r on I watched a lot if it. You should lower the prices of the stuff or come to Gladwin Michigan when Ur schedule is not so hectic. My favorite rapper is Machine Gun Kelley and he signed with Ur clothing company. My dream is to meet him and get a reckless hat. If that happened, that’s would be the biggest moment of my life
    Noah Haines

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    You guys should do a “5 years later” interview!!

  • Y&R

    I don’t get it the shirts say Est. 1986 but Drama wasn’t even born in1986

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    I do like the brand but I’ve searched & searched on how I could get sponsored by the brand. It’s literally all I wear. I’m in high school, & started to wear it & I started to see more & more people wearing it at my school. So I was wondering if i could get sponsored by this brand so I could get more & more people to wear it.