10 Artist That More Indie Clothing Brands Should Be Using!

Adam Vaudin

He’s young, he’s awesome, he has great art, and the world is ready for this guy. Yeah, we are talking about Adam Vaudin. He was raised in St Louis and now living in the UK. His work is totally refreshing, mostly animal and nature inspired, and totally rad. You can recognize a real Adam Vaudin by the line and cross-hatcing work. His crosshatching technique is the most outstanding I’ve ever seen. When you look at his work you will notice the use of arrows, cartoony styles and of course amazing details. Sometimes you will see the use of sketchy lines. No need to say that he will or is becoming popular amongst many of us.

I’d say, go check out his page on Emptees.


110specialblack’s work is recognizable by looking at the stippling. You will never see a design with more details, highlights and awesome shadows made by stippling than the art 110specialblack makes. The art ranges from graffiti art to digital art. His art is a must see for all of you who have got a brand and are looking for some cool works that need to be done. His art looks so realistic. His art ranges from unicorns and bears on a rainbow to skulls with long blonde hair, a hat, a rose in the mouth and wearing a scarf. All done so beautifully.

You go and check him out!

Jeremiah was a

Jeremiah Kiraly is a 18 year old artist from Australia. Although he has not been posting that much artwork on emptees, he’s still one of my personal favorites. What can I say? He’s one of the best upcoming artists I have seen in a while. His art is good, but no doubt he will get real big in the design world, if he keeps with it. His linework is pretty amazing, and the coloring just makes it nice and clean.

Go check his work at Emptees.


If you haven’t heard from KillerNapkins, I guess you must be sleeping or something for a long time now. His art ranges from paintings, sculptures and drawing to t-shirt design, cover art and book illustration. Jason is an amazing artist, you will see a lot of zombie and gore related items in his work. And I must admit, that isn’t a bad thing at all. The way he draws the zombies mouth is really amazing. And then we didn’t talk about his coloring wich is just superb.

His emptees page.


Nils Vögeding is an artist that mostly draws monsters and weird stuff that look like animation characters or cool cartoons. He draws in a cartoony way and tries to create depth with his linework and coloring. He has been featured here at IATT before when he made an article “a step by step look on how t-shirts are designed” wich he did amazingly good, what else would you think. He has a flickr account that he updates daily, so every day he shows his newest traditional art on his flickr.

He is worth the time to check him out.


No we are not talking about a weapon here, we are talking about an amazing artist called Uzi Emperado from Cebu. Uzi makes all kinds of art, ranging from graffiti to digital art, just like 110specialblack. I must say his works are also gore, zombie and macabre related. A cheerleader that’s been cut open and her intestines spell wrath, who else could have thought of something like this, or could get an outcome that nice? I don’t see many people accomplish such things.

Go check him out.

Mr Gauky

Mr Gauky is an amazing artist born in Yorkshire. You will recognize a real MrGauky just by looking at the lines, and not to mention the eyes who are being drawn in a very specific way. His style is a unique one, a one of a kind, awesome style. Cartoony but still not the normal cartoon style.

You will have to check him out to get what I mean. www.mrgauky.com or check out his IATT interview here!


Garret Egles is one of the most outstanding artists when it comes to little details, that make big awesome pieces. He is an artist that’s living in Vancouver. He makes his art so cool and small, that it makes one big piece of awesomeness. He made a piece for The Black Dahlia Murder, where it’s a long (hall? = Long room) like in a church where there are demonic creatures eating intestines. Really the details in that piece are overwhelming.

Go check him out some time.


He’s been getting better and better with every piece he makes. He made the awesome shirts for the blog TruthOfALiar. He draws in all kinds of styles, cartoony to portrait-like. My personal favorite is definitely his DSHMC shirt. A 3 color design still showing the depth real nice. And with outstanding linework.

Go check him out.


And last but not least Daniel Newman aka QuakerNinja. He is an outstanding artist when it comes to abstract pieces that are still a human, animal or whatever you can think of. Think of something and I bet he has done it before. It’s also amazing how many details is been put in his work, just by drawing lines he creates depth in a 1 color design.

Go Go Go and check him out.


  • Lots of talent here, but I think this list could of been better if there was a greater variety of designers. Too many Emptees designers. Killernapkins is my homeboy!

  • definitely a lot of emptees artists, but i think Stijn did a pretty good job of finding artists that have different styles

  • quakerninja

    Sweet thanks for the shout out sir.

  • quakerninja

    I agree great guest writer. Look forward to more articles.

  • Typical american (emptees) designs, zombies, blood and bones.

  • ocdusaink

    awesome awesome awesome. found some cool new inspiring artists…and some I've been following. I WILL have a design on here…oh yes, I will.

  • stijnvanbelle

    I tried to put as many as possible young and new artists, and not to many blood/zombie artists, but that's what it is, emptees is crazy for the zombie designs.

  • Josh

    Kinda the same genre/level of artists – and they're all from Emptees. A few of them (I won't mention names) are DEFINITELY biting style/color/concepts from some of the more well-known Emptees artists. What about artists like Ron Lewis, Adam White or Julia Heglund? I think they've got better/fresher concepts. Just thinking out loud though. The artists mentioned are good at what they do. Just felt the article could have been a little less biased.

  • skullface

    This is an awesome article for those who don't frequent Emptees! And a nice article for those who do 😉

  • glad you dug it! we will be definitely doing another list like this in the future!

  • glad you dug it! we will be definitely doing another list like this in the future!

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  • buttonzisbeast

    benjamin lande is one of my favorites also with joshuabelanger O:

  • This ability to create something that is both commercially appealing and at the same time can be described as and art seem more important nowdays then ever before. I believe that recognition comes with time but it’s a process that requires a lot of… Photography

  • …Is still looking for work. 🙂

  • …Is still looking for work. 🙂

  • William Focus DuBois

    Ridiculous talent!