Tee Lotto: This Idea Is Almost Crazy Enough To Work!

Enter Tee Lotto the newest and albeit craziest t-shirt contest website that I have come across! Tee Lotto is on a mission to sell 33,333 t-shirts, yes you read that correctly! The idea that makes this special is that $3 from each sale will be put in a pot, if they sell all 33,333 shirts that will add up to a pot of $99,999!

So you may be wondering whom get’s that pot or what the pot is. Basically as the name states this is a lotto of sorts, every person that buys a tee will be entered into the raffle and one lucky winner will take down the pot! The contest will run for 90 days or until they sell out of 33,333 shirts whichever comes first.

The tee itself costs $12 with shipping included and is printed on American Apparel. The tee itself isn’t really anything to write home about, but the way I am looking at it is you are entering a raffle for $12 and getting a tee shirt with it.

Tees go on sale March 1st and can be purchased at www.teelotto.com