Who Is Nowvember?

I recently was perusing on Etsy one day and came across a shop that was nothing short of sheer awesomeness. Artist Lisa Riddle from the great city of Portland, OR, runs Nowvember, and she makes a large plethora of amazing products!

The items that would have to top my list would have to be the hand-embroidered Moleskine pocket notebooks. The designs range from cute deer, bears and unicorns, to rainbow spewing kittens! They are so
loud and obnoxious that you have to love them!

You can also find hand-embroidered greeting cards with kittens and PBR cans on them, as well as unicorn clad light switch plates, and not to mention the great handmade vintage yearbook photo stickers!

The prices for everything in the shop are pretty reasonable; a little pricey on the pocket notebooks at $15-20 each, but I can appreciate the time and effort that must go in to embroidering each one by hand.

The light switch plates are hand-painted and are only $10; greeting cards and sticker packs are at a great price of $8 each. I honestly love everything that is in this shop and if I could afford it…. I would probably own one of everything.

I highly recommend checking out Nowvember and getting some rainbow spewing kittens or unicorns of your own!