Bandjob: Where Art and Music Collide

The guys at The Black Axe have done it again with their latest project called Bandjob! So your probably wondering what exactly Bandjob is. Well to put it simply it’s where both music and art worlds collide. Artist from around the world can come and show off their art skills.

Content on the site ranges from tee shirts to album covers to tour backdrops to websites to anything else you can think of thats related to bands. Aside from posting art, an artist can receive feedback from fellow artists to help improve their designs. The site also has a very active forum and jobs board which is a huge resource!

Overall I think the site is ace, and in time is going to develop into a site similar to but tailored to bands instead of t-shirt companies.

Check out to see some amazing art or sign up for a free account!
The Black Axe Bandjob