75 Skull T-Shirts That Don’t Suck!

What’s that old saying nothing is certain except death, taxes and skulls on t-shirt? Yeah I think that’s what it is!  Let’s face it Skulls on a tee shirt have been done a million different ways a million different times and to be honest most of these skull tees suck! Brands like Ed Hardy and Affliction have almost at this point made me embarrassed to be wearing a t-shirt brandishing a skull on it! So I decided to partake in a mission to find some amazing indie clothing lines that are doing a great job using the skull in a cool way.  Not everyone of these designs are groundbreaking but they were all selected for their unique spin and flavor on the skull.

We hope you dig what we are serving up! If there is a shirt that you believe deserves to be on the list please leave it in the comments below! Also a fair warning I did not include t-shirts from bands, just indie clothing lines! Enjoy, and as always RT’s, Facebook Shares and Diggs are always appreciated!  The links provided go directly to where you can purchase the shirt!

In no particular order we bring you 75 Skull T Shirts That Do Not Suck! (well at least according to us 😉

1. Public Domain Clothing

public domain clothing skull shirt

2. 410BC


3. A Better Tomorrow

abettertomorrow skull shirt


4. Mediocore Clothing


5. Malus


6. Threadless


7. The Chop Shop


8. Built for Sin


9. Altru Apparel

10. Disturbia

11. Paper Root Clothing

12. Zombie Liquorice

13. Drop Dead Clothing

14. Shred

15. Threadless

16. To Die For

17. Fullbleed

18. In His Name


20. Design By Humans

21. Threadless

22. The Printed Mind

The Printed Mind Clothing

23. Akumu Ink

24. Design By Humans

Design By Humans

25. Kill Brand

26. Disturbia

27. Paint The Stars

Paint the Stars Clothing

28. Electric Zombie

Electric Zombie Clothing

29. Glamour Kills

30. Design By Humans

31. Rockett

32. Dekay

Dekay clothing

33. Uneetee

Skull T shirt

34. Topato Co

35. Threadless Select

36. Miles To Go

37. Dead, Serious! Clothing

Skull Tees

38. Design By Humans

Design By Humans Skull Tee

39. Altru Apparel

Altru Apparel Skull tee

40. Built For Sin

41. Zombie Liquorice

Zombie Liquorice Skull Tee

42. Thriving Ink

Thriving Ink Geisha Skull

43. Shred

Shred Clothing Skull Tee

44. Malus

Malus Clothing Skull Tee

45. Kill Brand

Kill Brand Skull Tee

46. Design By Humans

Design By Humans Skull tee

47. Threadless

Threadless Skull t shirt

48. Heroine Clothing

Heroine Clothing Skull T Shirt

49. To Die For

To Die For Clothing

50. Enclothe

enclothe skull tee

51. Paint The Stars

Paint the Stars

52. Rockett

Rockett Clothing

53. Design By Humans

Design By Humans Mathoile Chaos Theory


Randr Tees

55. The Horror Project

The Horror Project Tee

56. Designed Extreme

designed extreme skull tee

57. Dekay

dekay skull tee

58. Blackbird Clothing

blackbird clothing

59. Tilteed


60. Skeg

Skeg Clothing

61. Tilteed

tilteed tees

62. Akumu Ink

Akumu Ink skull tee

63. Affends

affends clothing

64. Joby Cummings

joby cummings tee

65. Submit and Remix

66. Arkaik Clothing

arkaik clothing skull tee

67. Fright Rags

68. Hotlife

hotlife clothing

69. Havok Clothing

havok skull tee

70. Iron Fist

71. Crispy Tees

72. Pros and Cons

73. I Came From Nothing

I Came From Nothing Clothing

74. Fatal Clothing

75. Dead, Serious! Clothing

dead serious clothing

  • That's a mighty fine list you've got there Adam!

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  • thanks duder!

  • Nicely done Adam! Wanted to throw Wotto's 'Dead Head' into the mix as well: http://www.tilteed.com/shop/detail/dead_head/

  • definitely agree and saw that one, i just thought it was close to the MTG in style, so left it off. You guys need to print HAPPY GRIM!!!! PLEASE!

  • So this is basically a collection of the 75 skull shirts you found on the internet? That's quite a list! Can you post the 75 that DO suck next week?

  • not sure exactly what you meant by this, but yes these are all found on the internet! honestly a list of 75 that do suck might be more entertaining, but thats just not our style!

  • Glad to get more love for the Earth-Rise T-shirt! It’s an honor to be featured alongside such great artwork.

  • No I meant it's a HUUUGE list. Can there really be that many more skull tees online, lol? Oh, I kid!

  • LOL, ohhhhhh!

  • chopshopstore

    Nice list of skull tees and So happy to see our undeadWe tee at #7!

  • jonkruse

    I forgot I had a skull tee. I got another one on the way that is by Alex Norman.

  • nice! for shred or mediocore?

  • ChrisTate

    think ya mighta missed a rockett one. i have the pullover hoodie of this and it definitely doesn't suck

  • quakerninja

    I am very fond of number 36, my favorite shirt maybe ever.

  • aintyourshow

    this one is a hot skull shirt too:)
    by zerobriant

  • thanks for featuring Arkaik!

  • Great list. Doesn't suck indeed. There are all very creative.

  • glad you enjoyed it ; )

  • everything MTG is amazing! one of my favorite lines out there!

  • patrick

    I like Owl Movement's 'Skull' Tee as well, http://www.merchline.com/owlmovement/categorydi

  • Quality list, thanks for throwing Skeg in there!

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  • darcy

    unfashionable and weird prints.
    i hate them. wouldn't date any guy who wore them 🙂
    i like fashionable guys not wanna-be emo scene

  • Drew_layton

    there are few cool skull tees here too…


  • Drew_layton

    there are few cool skull tees here too…


  • Skatehell45

    You might like this one too!? Quite funky with inverted cross bones skulls and some tiny cupcakes in the entrails.


  • I Like 64. JOBY CUMMINGS..


  • Thanks bro! Nice summary of these social bookmarking plugins. I will use a few of them immediately. Cheers.
    Great lists, but it is better if all the plugins have screenshots, so i have not to try all the plugins. It takes time. 
    BTW thanks. 🙂

  • Aj

    Most of them suck.

  • Save_the_guesswork

    rename the page “Skulls that Suck” I like 3 or 4 tops.

  • Jlsiahaija

    wow !!!! nice shirts… I was trying to open the photos, but I can´t..
    Aren´t they for sale ??
    if someone knows anything about this,
    please contact me @ facebook !
    My name is Joas Siahaija

    Thnx !!

  • Lhei

    how to order?

  • Digter_skore

    stan de la ptm

  • Skulls tees are tough ones to design. They can look pretty tacky. You have some really nice ones though. 13 and 54 are pretty sweet.

  • skull master

    yep defo sculls that suck 

  • skull master

    yep defo sculls that suck 

  • Vida

    Hi How do I order #64, & 47

  • Joey Popano

    These ALL suck.

  • Susie

    They all suck

  • Agree with most of the people who commented, THEY ALL SUCK, i don’t know why the publisher didn’t realized that before posting this.