The Renmen Project – Changing Lives With Art

It’s truly hard to believe that the Haiti Earthquake happened almost a full month ago. As with everything in the media once cameras stop rolling and subjects get mentioned less and less often we tend to forget about the troubles that still lay. We have featured a lot of clothing brands that have been doing their part to help out with the crisis but this is the first artist project that we have come across that is looking to help.

The Renmen (Renmen is Haitian for Love) Project is an ongoing art project that is aiming to sell prints in order to raise money for Haitian relief. Every penny of the proceeds will go directly to help Haiti! Right now they have over 15 artists on board and helping contribute to the process and cause.

The first piece of art is from Ben The Illustrator and is a limited edition 100 piece run. Each drawing is on A4 parchment paper, numbered and signed by Ben and each piece is actually completely unique. As their website states this is a great opportunity to get your hands on an original piece of artwork and help a great cause. The current piece is on sale for £10.00.

Please visit for all details and to help make your contribution.