How Much Do You Love Google Android?

If the answer is so much that you wish that someone would come out with 3″ Vinyl toys based of their mascot, you are in luck my dear friend! Artist Andrew Bell has just teamed up with the folks at Google Android to release Series 1 of the Android Mini Collectibles.

The series consists of 12 different designs that are actually blind-boxed so that when you make your purchase you will never be sure which design you will be receiving. The series will be available for purchase on February 10th and each piece will only set you back $7.50.

Even though I am an iPhone owner/fan I really thought this was a cool project and product and puts eve more personality behind the Android brand. At the low $7.50 price point I can definitely see some Android owners picking some of these up. Remember as I mentioned these are blind-boxes so you will not be able to choose the style Android you get. The only way to really get the whole line is to buy the case of 16. If your interested in picking one of these up, make sure you visit Dyzplastic on Feb 10th to secure your Android.

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