50 Beautiful T-Shirt and Indie Clothing Models

So back in December I put out the first edition of this article which contained 18 Beautiful Tee Shirt Models from indie clothing companies across the world. Well the people have spoke and they wanted to see more! Well more is what you now will receive in addition to the original 18 indie clothing models I have scoured the internet to dig up 32 more to round out our list at a cool 50.

So after your done drooling over your keyboard take a second and visit these companies stores because everyone on this list aside from having top notch models have top notch tees to offer! Hope you enjoy the list! (in no particular order)

Also feel free to leave a comment on whom is your favorite! If you enjoyed this article please take a second to click the Retweet, Digg or Facebook Share buttons located in the right column!

1. Exclusive Entertainment

exclusive indie clothing model

2. Live to Love Apparel

live to love indie clothing model

3. Rip N Dip Apparel

4. To Die For Clothing

5. Prestigious

6. Lady Umbrella

7. Takeover Clothing

8. Threadless

9. Skeg

10. KKBB Apparel

11. Dead Serious Clothing

12. Johnny Cupcakes

13. Alumni Clothing

14. Alumni Clothing

indie clothing model

15. Cherry Sauce Clothing

16. Coastal City

17. Panic Pop

18. Pyknic

19. Shrimp Sauce

20. Heroine Clothing

21. Byeline Apparel

22. Hide And Seek

23. Holebrain

24. Glory

25. Glamour Kills

26. Built For Sin

27. Babycakes Clothing

28. Ugmonk

indie clothing model

29. Metal Ink

30. FAQ

31. Skilla Fashion

32. Kill Brand

33. Pause Designs

34. Miles To Go


35. Toi Creative

36. Arkaik Clothing

37. Pyknic

38. Kill Brand

39. Iron Fist

40. Dead Serious

41. Glamour Kills

42. Electric Zombie

43. Cottonmouth

44. Ceerius Apparel

45. Altru Apparel

46. 410BC

47. The Printed Mind

48. Shirtfight

49. Karmaloop

50. ShockerTees

  • Kim

    Yeah… nobody comes close to the 'Miles to Go' model.

  • Kim

    Yeah… nobody's touching the 'Miles to Go' model.

  • mike
  • Awesome, we’re number 5!

  • ladyumbrella

    What a sweet list and cheers for mentioning our model Elaine…hehe, it must be hard for you having to do this all this reseach…when will we get 100 beautfiul t-shirt models? hehe, that is what the world is waiting for…

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  • Kristy made the list at number 9 soo stoked!

  • No fricking Drop Dead shirts?

    Fricking A.

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  • laura22

    how have you guys missed http://www.funkrush.com

    lol, you should do another one of these, and this time actually find the hottest models 😉

  • there are indeed some good looking models at funkrush.com Bottom line is we are never going to be able to get all the good looking models out there. We asked people for opinions and submissions but had little response so it was basically all on us to dig them all up and give our opinion.

  • No @RondaTodd means list makes Rizzo cry! (see pics at link above, she’s a hottie!)

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  • hey dude, weve got some stunners too..

  • ct124102

    you forgot about the Choonimals model…


  • indeed you do! new shirts are looking really good too bro!

  • electricbigfoot

    for real

    i'm def in love!

    lust… whatever it's called

  • Zus

    Take Over Clothing model is soooooooo hot…. i'm going to find out who she is and show her the meaning of life oooo yeah ;);););)

  • thanks kim. its my friend jennifer and she is even more gorgeous in real life. its kind of ridiculous and we will be shooting new products next week too.

  • where are the hot chicks from kosherham.com??!?!

  • Alexis

    no one comes close to the After Eleven models

  • ill have to check them out!

  • Alexis

    no one comes close to the After Eleven models

  • ill have to check them out!