Tilteed Changes Gears

By now you are of course familiar with tee competition sites such as Threadless, Design By Humans, and Tilteed, and you are also probably familiar with sites that sell tees for a limited time only such as TeeFury, Shirt.woot and RiptApparel. Up until this point there has yet to be a site that handled both contests as well as limited time t-shirt offers.

Well folks the day has come where someone decided they could handle both of these business models on one site. And yes you probably have guessed it already, that site is Tilteed.com. Tilteed.com launched roughly six months ago with the idea of holding a tee shirt contest that crowned a new winner every three days which has worked extremely well for them, but they decided to venture out further and introduce tee’s selected by Tilteed Curators.

The Curator selected tees are only available on the site for 3 days before they are gone forever, giving you even more reason to check tilteed.com on a daily basis. The move to me only makes sense, why not have the best of both worlds if your site can handle it?

Aside from adding curators to help select tees to be printed, Tilteed now accepts paypal, which the hope will make it much easier on their customers when purchasing tees!

Check out tilteed.com daily to see what is new!

Also if you are an artist that would like to be considered for getting your artwork printed email Iamthetrend.com’s very own guest author Bo M at: [email protected]