We Chat With Jordan Thomson of Striking Back

Striking Back is Restless

The new trend is here: Releasing not an entire album, or even an EP, but throwing a release party and touring based on one 3.5 minute single. In the case of Striking Back’s title track “Restless” it’s just as much reason to celebrate as any other.

Produced by award winning producer Jim Wirt, (Live, Hoobastank, Jack’s Mannequin), the single is a tale of heartbreak and longing and all things pop and roll. February in Seattle just got less dreary and more heart strings.

Iamthetrend’s Alexis Paige converses with singer Jordan Thomson about the expectations associated with this release and the implications to his career.

What are your ultimate goals for this single; this EP?

Well, I suppose my ultimate goal with the current recording is to share with it with people! I’m so excited by how well it turned out, it’s hard to think about it. Business-wise, I’m hoping what I have now is enough for a great record deal. From there, I’d like to finish out the full album, sell millions of records, and tour the world.

What are your plans to release the rest of the EP?

Right now it’s all about shopping record labels, and getting the word out as much as possible. We’ll have the EP available in a touring edition (which means we will only sell it at shows so it is still technically unreleased), but we want a solid record deal before we do a full release.

I heard a couple of the songs off the EP. What made you choose Restless as the single, as opposed to one of the others? How does it represent your work more than another choice would?

We felt like “Restless” really represented what I’m trying to communicate with my music overall right now. It’s such a fun mix of pop and rock. It’s about real stuff, performed in a real way–and you can still sing along to it. Am I making any sense? In all honesty, it also just represents me so well as a person–I’m extremely Restless and perpetually unsatisfied.

Jordan Thomson is the entirety of Striking Back, with hired guns and axes backing you up. Who will comprise your band for the CD release and the following tour?

I got a really kick-ass line-up of musicians I’ll be playing with. Some of them are familiar faces from bands of the past, and SOME I’ve dug up from the depths of Seattle’s talent pool. The live show is going to be so freakin cool. I’m not QUITE really to share the line-up yet, but it is rad.

How does working with someone the caliber of Jim Wirt effect your music and the arrangement of the songs? Your outlook for the album?

I feel like I’m a pretty talented musician. But, when I explain Jim’s talent to people, I say it like this: “If the size of my talent was represented by a ping-pong ball, Jim’s would be represented by a beach ball.” I wrote some catchy songs, but Jim has used what I have to create a real “sound.” That is something that is very hard to create these days. I love the man!

How will the Restless effect the future of rock-n-roll?

If it does anything, I think it shows that you can combine elements of blues, metal, punk, and power pop all into one song–and it can sound great. When I listen to Restless, sometimes I get Mayer. Sometimes I get Kravitz. Sometimes I get Hoobastank. Sometimes I get Nirvana. I love that.

For more info on the release go to www.myspace.com/strikingbackmusic